“Neither in women, nor in children,” a bearded Frenchman once said to a little girl, but the whole world heard. After the “Leon” there was some painful demand for a mokrushnik with his own code of honor – take at least the late “Hitman” and his many colleagues in the shop. Mobile developers are also not far behind the eternal trend, and at the opening of 2016 they put a small gift for us under the Christmas tree that has not yet been put away in the closet – the LONEWOLF killer simulator.

How is it played?

There is a plot in the game, but it fits into one sentence: some kind of muddy showdown between the bosses of mafia structures, where a well-known but hated killer is involved, a certain man with red hair and who just doesn’t. However, it is worth recognizing that the authors honestly tried to start an intrigue and pull it up to the credits. It turned out with varying success, although it will do for phones.

But what exactly succeeded was, excuse me, a shutter jerking simulator. LONEWOLF is giving away a couple of levels to learn: shoot here, hold your breath here, reload here. Then it’s more difficult – new conditions appear: without witnesses, “as if by chance” or right in the head. LONEWOLF will make you shoot accurately at a parabola (at long distances) and accurately with a pistol – sometimes the creation of FDG Mobile Games resembles a real shooter.

Restrictions look, of course, artificial (what’s the difference, in the head or heart, if the result is the same?), But you quickly accept the conditions, because it’s more fun with them. Well, let’s show them all the class: this one immediately to the next world, then that one, and, finally, we will finish with a tall guy in a white T-shirt. In this context, inserts with a pistol are not even annoying, although it is, of course, more interesting to shoot, looking into stuffed optics.

Of course, we have seen all this a million times – at least in the same Hitman: Sniper. But LONEWOLF is addictive. The point, probably, is the return of returns – although the clients vaguely resemble living people, they go to the other world quite spectacularly: with blood in all directions, cries for help and other, ahem, special effects. What is important, closer to the middle, the game does not hesitate to click on the nose – it becomes more and more difficult to hit live targets and not fail missions. It’s nice not to be taken for an idiot.

However, the barely found balance between accessibility and challenge quickly tilts towards the second – LONEWOLF is defiantly difficult closer to the final. Moreover, the challenge is mainly not to you, but to your salary card – the game is shareware, and they offer to issue a premium account much more often than we would like: new weapons, more abilities. Of course, you can go through it without financial costs – but you still have to part with nerve cells.

How does it look?

LONEWOLF is made in the newly popular noir style of recent times, and you need to try to ruin everything. In black and white cutscenes, longing, pain and harsh men wrapped in scarves and hats spilled over, and in the game itself, blood released from the victims settles in a cloud on the walls and asphalt.

The appearance of the project, however, has an interesting nuance: it is deliberately careless, as if it was drawn by a responsible fifth grader (it is possible that it was), or someone imposed rotoscope technology on an already filmed video – in the spirit of early Richard Linklater. In general, think for yourself – this is an artistic move or simple negligence.


Like it or not, LONEWOLF has two pluses. The first is a primitive but interesting trigger simulator. The second is that it’s a little tight with new products now, and, as you know, a lot will pass for fish in the absence of fish. So if during the New Year holidays you managed to plow through all the mobile titles of 2015, and you are bored, then LONEWOLF will ideally fill the void in your phone – and then, you see, the heavy artillery will arrive in time.

Rifles are also very good. Although the selection is small. No, the choice, of course, is huge, but only if you fork out for 50 hryvnias. That’s how much a premium subscription costs. It is not known, of course, how much it is given, but it is very cheap. Most likely, I will purchase it to unlock the full potential of the game. She’s very good. Lots of wraps too. What is even more pleasing is the price of weapons and upgrades for them. They are very inexpensive, which allows you to make the game comfortable as early as possible. And that’s cool too.

And the levels? This is generally chic. Yes, of course, in some places they seem incredibly difficult, but this only benefits the game. You won’t get linear simplicity here. Sometimes you have to sweat to go further. And it only pleases. Yes, and during some levels there is no specific algorithm, which will make it easy to re-pass.

Not at all. During one of the levels, it was necessary to protect a person from a killer. One of them pulls out a gun, you shoot, but do not have time to kill the target in time. Well, then it’s time to replay the level, you shoot at the killer right away, but that’s the trouble. He, it turns out, in this version of the passage, is already an ordinary person. The killer was sitting on another bench. And so it is throughout the game. It’s amazing.

And now is the time for an unobvious plus. And this is the scale of energy. It would seem, what is its advantage?  And here I, for the first time after “three in a row”, can safely say that this is necessary. The game is too addictive. Not only the gameplay is cool, but there is also a plot that you also want to explore. And this takes time. Well, for those who want a lot at once, you can watch 4 commercials per day. They will allow you to get 4 full charges of energy, which will last you for a long time.