Broken Sword 3 Game Review

Let me start our today’s concert program with one small buffoonery number with exposure. Recently there has been a fashion to compare all the quests released after the summer of 2003 (and there were probably as many as five or six of them) with Siberia. “This is worse than in Siberia, this is almost like in Cyberia.

and this is just like in Siberia, but still not like in Siberia …” But judging by and large, Mr. Social’s “Siberia” can not be called an outstanding quest. If it came out in the mid-nineties, it would instantly get lost somewhere between Dragon Sphere or Beneath a Steel Sky, and by today it would have safely sunk into oblivion. But he was lucky. It appeared at a time when classic adventure games had died long ago, and their horns-yes-legs were dragged through holes by small predators from related genres – action games and RPGs.

You know, if two girls from a creative circle at a vocational school of a ball-bearing factory suddenly put together an ensemble and sing songs in the disco style, they will instantly become famous. Why? Because in the 21st century no one sings disco anymore. Similarly, no one does quests. In no case do we run into “Siberia”, but in conditions of total lack of fish, laurel wreaths can snip off even those games that, in conditions of healthy genre competition.

would look rather average. And therefore it is gratifying that right now quests have suddenly begun to appear, which look equally good both in complete genre loneliness and against the background of the iconostasis of eminent ancestors. Real quests. Such as Uri reviewed somewhere nearby or, for example, Broken Sword: The Sleeping Dragon.

Therefore, I solemnly swear: friends, further in this text there will not be a single word about Siberia, automatons, mechanical toys and the city of Araba. The clockwork train rusted, the mammoth died, and the tail fell off. With the release of the third part of Broken Sword, you and I should seriously think about changing idols and landmarks.

My name is Elvis, I’m the king of rock and roll

To be honest, now, when we should already get to the heart of the matter… I desperately don’t want to move on. It is as if a month before the New Year you were told who and what will put under the Christmas tree. There is no desire to spoil the surprise, to interfere with your first acquaintance with The Sleeping Dragon with your story. So I’ll try to keep it as short and dry as possible.

So, the third part of the famous Broken Sword. The third adventure of Idaho lawyer George Stobart and Parisian journalist Nicole Collard – longtime friends (yes, “friends”: that someone there passionately hugged at the end of the first part does not count!) And desperate adventurers on their own butts. Once they destroyed the sinister order of the Neo-Templars, then they stopped the cultists of the ancient Aztec god Tetkatzlipoka, and now.

out of nowhere, the ancient Celtic legend of the sleeping dragon emerges, and another sinister barley appears on the horizon with the ambitions of the ruler of the world. To tell more – no, no, no way. Only – tsp.-s-s! – I can only say that the story of The Sleeping Dragon is closely intertwined with the first part of the series, and during the game we will have to meet many old acquaintances, make another raid on the hideout of the Templars (now the first allies), visit Monsoon, and so on and so forth. similar…

It’s no secret that after the developers’ statement about the “multi-platform orientation of the project”, as well as the “introduction of action and stealth elements into the gameplay,” most of the potential buyers immediately suffered a nervous breakdown. To a timid fan “maybe not?” the authors sternly answered “Let’s do it, let’s do it! ..” And they did it.
The result is what you can fully observe in the surrounding screenshots: luxurious 3D, stunning shadows and hyper-detailed character models. It is gratifying that during the difficult operation of the transition to the third dimension, the game did not lose its unique charm, amazing charm,

solar atmosphere. Of course, mouse control has completely atrophied, a free and not always convenient external camera has appeared a la Silent Hill 3 … But in spirit it is still the same Broken Sword, and this is the main thing.

As for other pseudo-prefixed tinsel, there was no particular wrecking on the part of the consoles. Action elements are reduced to entertainment like “press a certain button at a certain moment” – something similar was in the Zhaitan game Shenmue, a cult in the parallel console world. In general, it sounds wild.

but it gives the game a dynamic that is so scarce in quests. It all looks something like this: let’s say a killer stands in front of Niko and reads a monologue. Somewhere at the bottom of the screen, an icon suddenly appears for a second – click! – the killer gets hit in the nose with the door of the refrigerator, grabs the gun, starts a fight, and suddenly – a new signal: click! – Niko grabs a frying pan and famously closes himself from a flying bullet. If you do not do this “click!” – lethal outcome guaranteed.

With stealth elements it turned out worse. Starting from about the middle of the game, you will constantly have to imagine yourself as some kind of under-symbol-fisher, desperately pressing the “sneak” button, hiding behind boxes and calculating the trajectories of vigilant patrols’ promenades. A step to the left, a step to the right is punishable by instant execution on the spot – in this regard, the nature of the local security guards is worse than that of the functionaries from the Cheka.

How to

The game does not want to admire at all as a “representative of an extinct genre” or as “the third part of the famous quest series.” Yes, even if she was at least three times “the last of the Mohicans” and four times Broken Sword – such petitions cannot break through the cast-iron reviewer’s heart. The main raisin is completely different. In this quest, no one will ask you to lubricate Chinese sticks with whale oil and build a system of levers out of them in order to start a mill and grind an aspirin tablet in millstones.