Block Craft 3D Game Review

Block Craft 3D is a mobile simulation game from a developer called Fun Games For Free. It can be seen with the naked eye that the creator was inspired by such a project as Minecraft, the application can be considered as a free version of it. After you have launched the toy, you can immediately see the pixel visualization within the gameplay, this is the calling card of this kind of simulators.

The essence of the gameplay in Block Craft 3D is to collect resources and build.  The game gives you unprecedented freedom of action, it can be called a huge “sandbox” in which you can do anything, within the framework of the gameplay mechanics, of course. You can conduct a session both alone and together with friends.  Download Block Craft 3D on PC to make it even easier to manipulate your character and increase project productivity.


Since in this case we are talking about a sandbox rather than a single-player project with a separate campaign, it is at least incorrect to talk about the plot. Any characters here are either the players themselves who are engaged in construction, or computer NPCs acting as decorations for your projects.

As for the story, you are free to create it yourself, and in such a form as your imagination is capable of.  The application itself will act as just a tool in the hands of a gamer, with its help you will create. It cannot be said that the lack of a plot is a clear drawback of the game, yet it is a sandbox in which the player is often left to himself.


The gameplay in Block Craft 3D focuses on one aspect of the gameplay of the big brother of the Minecraft project, namely construction. Here you will not be disturbed by zombies and aggressive monsters, devote all your time to the construction of new skyscrapers, villages and even cars.

Use square blocks of various materials to shape the translucent project. At the very beginning of the next batch, you can choose the layout that you would like to build. It will appear in a grayish color on the map, after which you must completely fill it with blocks. Use various materials, combine them, create new items, rise to the very clouds to complete the grand construction, and then invite your comrades to evaluate the result.

Visually, the toy is made in a typical pixel style for such sandboxes. Despite this, the picture is three-dimensional, bright and colorful, so you do not have to strain your eyesight. As for the management, it is quite standard. You will give orders for the movement of the character using a virtual joystick in the left corner of your game interface.

To the right of it, you can easily notice a four-cell quick access panel, here you can put the materials that you need in the current project. A little higher are the “Build” keys, as well as “Fly”. The first opens a complete tree of recipes and buildings, cataloged into categories. The second allows the character to take off, very convenient in the case of a global construction site. When choosing a multiplayer party, make sure your device is connected to the internet.

Features of the game on PC

The list of features of the toy looks like this:

Three-dimensional graphics in a pixel style will delight fans of both Minecraft itself and just supporters of the genre as a whole. Being undemanding, it will allow you to install the application even on low-capacity media without experiencing performance issues.

Convenient control, intuitive navigation and simple rules at the heart of the gameplay – all this will allow even a beginner to understand the simulator, as well as a person without knowledge of English. Unfortunately, Block Craft 3D is not localized into Russian.

Complete freedom of creativity on the map. Devote all your time not to war with monsters and survival, but to construction. If you’ve always enjoyed creating something beautiful and fun on maps in Minecraft, this project will be your palette. Maybe it’s time to create something big.
The ability to play alone or with other users. You can make your pool closed to the public, or visit your comrades on their desktops. Share ideas and create and build together because it’s fun.

You can customize your character’s appearance by changing clothes to more stylish ones, get a pet to play with, and build an entire city filled with NPCs and animals.
Explore the inner world of the application, design on a widescreen monitor, control the character with the keyboard and mouse, not the touch screen. And do not worry about the complexity of the installation procedure, even a beginner can easily handle it.

Installing Block Craft 3D on a computer

If you still decide to install this mobile game on your computer, first of all you need to download all the necessary components from our portal, including the Play Market program for Windows. It is necessary to create a virtual platform with the Android OS, which will serve as a carrier for the application. The procedure itself flows through the emulator, which will also act as a launcher.

Installation in the first way

First of all, prepare the emulator for work. Once everything is done, go straight to the procedure:

Use the virtual platform generation function. Carefully choose the OS version, it must fully meet the requirements of the game.
Find the search bar in the main menu of the emulator. Enter the original name of the game in it, and then click “OK”.

Here you will need authorization, for the procedure use any working Google account. Once you have done everything you need, you can download and install Block Craft 3D on your computer.