Zombie Army 4 Dead War Game Review

Naughty Dog is making popular third-person action games that are spectacular – why would they want to work on a competitive shooter or racing game? The Rebellion team also cultivates approximately the same field – even when the British try to step aside from time to time.

it turns out another cooperative entertainment in which they don’t give a damn about the plot, but it’s fun to shoot. Like Sniper Elite, Strange Brigade, Zombie Army – if at least one of the modern games of the studio did not appeal to you, the rest are unlikely to please. But if such projects bring pleasure, then Zombie Army 4 will not be an exception.

War never changes

The plot is almost the same as before: at the end of World War II, the zombie-Hitler was defeated by the resistance forces, but the hordes of the undead again filled the streets of European cities. You don’t need to know anything else, and it’s unlikely that you’ll want to delve into the meaning of what is happening – this, as they wrote in the press of the 2000s, is a real “spinal action”.

The Zombie Army series, which gained unexpected popularity, is an offshoot of Sniper Elite, and therefore notes of the “realistic” adventures of Karl Fairbairn are recognizable in the gameplay. However.

if in the case of living people, he tried to keep his distance, aiming from a sniper rifle and masking the shots with the ringing of bells and howling sirens, then there is no need to stand on ceremony with zombies – you take the same rifle or shotgun and hit at least without stopping. In Sniper Elite, close combat seemed to be deliberately uncomfortable, but here it’s hard to find fault with it.

The undead are very different – from the usual revived dead, approaching the hero with outstretched arms, to exploding kamikazes, armored hulks and necromancer officers. New types of opponents appear with sufficient frequency to dilute the shooting process, but the monotony still shows through, since the passage of the campaign takes about ten hours. Boring tasks are partly to blame – either you have to kill everyone so that the next door opens, then (again) kill everyone so as not to let anyone near the generator for several minutes.

Zombies – and zombies in Europe

But sometimes the level design shines brighter. One of the first missions sends the player to Venice with all its sights: canal journeys, beautifully falling zombies from bridges and houses, and unfortunate gondoliers who, even after death, continue to row with oars. Some episodes are especially beautiful.

what is worth at least shooting a horde of zombies crawling out of a fountain or a moment where small ghouls run out of the bushes in the arboretum, and you shoot blindly from a machine gun. There are horror movie references, funny Easter eggs, and creepy decorations like tiny dolls – when interacting with them, expect some kind of “scarecrow” like ominous sounds and spinning heads.

Zombie Army 4 offers a wide variety of opportunities to exterminate evil spirits. There are three types of weapons in the player’s arsenal: a rifle, a shotgun / machine gun and a pistol – the latter will come in handy when you are dragging some kind of canister and you can only shoot with one hand. Guns differ in damage.

accuracy, rate of fire and reload speed, but as the character is upgraded, any weapon can be made powerful. The Mohsin rifle, for example, will acquire explosive cartridges and by the 20th level of the character will begin to heal him on critical hits, and the shotgun will deal electrical damage that is transmitted to nearby zombies when shooting at the crowd.

At every step are scattered boxes with grenades – incendiary, electric, fragmentation. There are mines, upon approaching which the undead explode, there are tripwires and flares. You can only take one first-aid kit with you, so sacred grenades save at high difficulty levels – as soon as you throw them on the ground, a healing puddle is formed, the duration of which can be doubled by high-level players. Add to all this temporary power-ups, numerous perks, several types of melee attacks and other useful things – the longer you play, the more opportunities you unlock.

Don’t think, shoot

Zombie Army 4 is a game purely about gameplay.  If they ask you to blow something up, after completing the task, you will look at the explosion for a couple of seconds, you will see the heroes running away from it, and this will immediately be followed by a blackout and the statistics screen will come out.

You don’t need to think about anything, you don’t need to memorize names, the goals are always shown on the screen. One of the innovations in the fourth part is the traps placed at each location, like zombie sharks, devouring everyone who is nearby when the button is fired. But you don’t even need to look for them – they are highlighted in red when aiming.

You only need to take care of survival (which, to be honest, does not cause problems, but more on that later) and the number of points for passing – the final score depends on this. As in Sniper Elite, ingenious kills like hits to the head or straight to the eye are rewarded here. The luckiest will even see how the bullet flies into the skull of the revived dead man with the traditional “X-ray”, which is not turned on so often in cooperative mode. The faster you kill zombies, the higher the combo multiplier and the more points you will get – it is advisable to miss less often and blow up entire groups of enemies more often.

All this, of course, is much more fun to do together with someone, and not alone. There are always four first-aid kits in boxes, cartridges are mined from endless “zinc”, so no one interferes with each other. It’s a pity that most of the tests are counted only by the person who completes them – for example.

if you need to kill two zombies ten times with one shot, everyone must do it on their own, which is not always possible. But otherwise, the co-op works great, although without additional settings the process is too easy. If you are playing with two people, I recommend setting the number of zombies for four – then many episodes become much more intense. I would like to see such an opportunity more often in other action games with a joint passage.