NBA Now 22 Game Review

Mobile game development studio Com2Us recently released NBA Now 22, a licensed sports simulation. In this game, you manage a basketball team as both a manager and a coach: you buy and train players, and then you race them around the field. NBA Now 22 is very similar to FIFA Mobile: the players are also represented by cards, and the matches are just as short and consist mainly of key moments – tackling, passing, blocking and, of course, shooting.

It has simple, easy-going gameplay, and many enjoy collecting cards of their favorite star players and building “dream teams” out of them. If you want to learn how to play, check out our NBA Now 22 beginner’s guide.

The developers were able to achieve the simplicity of the gameplay, but the convenience – not quite. The game requires complex actions such as dribble, ball feints, passes, throws and so on. At the same time, one-handed operation on the phone severely limits your virtuosity. Luckily, you can also play NBA Now 22 on your PC via the Blues tacks emulator. The keyboard and mouse are much better at controlling basketball players than a finger, and the graphics and performance of the game will be better – especially if you have a powerful processor.

But just installing and playing may not be enough – and isn’t it nice to tinker with the settings yourself? And we’ll tell you how it’s done.

Graphics and FPS improvements

NBA Now 22 is called a simulator for a reason: the graphics and animation strive to resemble life as much as possible, the basketball field is quite authentic, and the players are completely real personalities.

However, for everything to really look as beautiful as we painted here, your phone must be quite powerful – otherwise performance may suffer. At the same time, even with a good phone, you will have to put up with a small screen, not the most convenient controls, and a far from eternal battery. If you play through Blues tacks, then all these nuances can be avoided. In other words, some benefits!

Below are instructions on how to adjust the graphics and frame rate in NBA Now 22:

Open the Blues tacks settings by clicking on the hamburger icon in the top right corner, then select the Performance tab.
Assign 4 cores (CPU cores), 4 gigabytes of RAM (4 GB RAM) and “high performance” (High performance).
In the “Game” tab (Game), set the maximum FPS (Max FPS) to 60 and change the graphics settings to match your computer.

Try starting a match: the game should look great and run at a smooth 60 FPS.

Control setting

Graphics and FPS are only half the battle: after all, it is necessary that it is pleasant not only to watch, but also, in fact, to play! I must admit that the controls in NBA Now 22 are not the most intuitive and simple even on a computer, but on a phone, turn off the lights. Try to coordinate the actions of the players with one hand – and it’s not very convenient, and the hand gets tired!

To solve this problem, Blues tacks has a Keymapping Tool that allows you to customize the controls for yourself. Fortunately, the gameplay in NBA Now 22 is not very complicated, so setting up controls is neither difficult nor long.

To open the Keymapping Tool, press Ctrl + Shift + A after you enter the game. If something does not suit you, you are welcome – change as you please: just drag any keys from the right panel to any functions on the screen.

If you leave the default settings, then your players will move in the familiar WASD pattern, and you can perform passes, blocks, tackles and shots by clicking on the arrows. Interfering with your opponents is the easiest way – just hold the spacebar while they have the ball, and your guys will do everything themselves. We are sure you will quickly see that keyboard control is much more conducive to victory than phone control.

Improved controls, graphics and performance are just what you need for a game like NBA Now 22 that clearly feels cramped on a phone. Thanks to these upgrades, you will not only get more pleasure from the game, but also start winning more often. Rather than dragging your finger across the small display, it’s better to use both hands and click the keys while watching the result on the big screen!