SIE San Diego Studio has been creating a series on extremely rare (at least outside the US) topics for about ten years. It’s about baseball.  And so they decided to rectify the situation and presented their baseball simulator to the world, which continues to keep the brand for a long time.

I “watch” baseball on the radio

Often, sports simulators, overly caring about realism and wrapping themselves in a spectacular shell, forget about practical game mechanics. Many hours of gameplay leads to fatigue, despondency, knocking out the same formulas and waiting for a new attack.

no one likes to defend themselves. When playing soccer, we wait for the ball to pass to us, basketball is pleasant with slam dunks, in American football people generally feel sad when they realize that the period of defense is also part of the game. Baseball, on the other hand, is able to completely solve this problem.  And some defensive moves in baseball can be as exciting as the offense itself.

One of the main problems of the MLB The Show series on our territory is the lack of interest in the presented sport. We honestly admit that baseball is not popular among people living in Russia and the CIS countries. For some reason, people only buy beats from us.
At first glance at the players running around the field, it is difficult to figure out what is happening and why these people are rushing from point to point, where is which team, why is a man standing behind the batter and catching the ball. But in the States, baseball is truly popular fun, and Americans understand the rules – just spit.

In short, the whole intrigue comes down to the moment when the pitcher (pitcher) throws the ball. The job of the pitcher is to throw in such a way that the ball is harder to hit. The task of the guy with the bat (batter) is just the opposite. If the batter competently and responsibly approached his work (that is, hit the ball), then he, leaving all his affairs, rushes through the bases in order to run to the place where he started moving, while earning a point.

Never bet on baseball

Naturally, in the simulator the rules are the same as in the real game. You will be led by the hand, taught all the principles. They will offer to choose control schemes for each action, whether it is serving, rebounding, running around the bases or passing the ball from defense in order to “drown” the runner. All these processes work smoothly and are aimed at ensuring that beginners do not get lost in the rules and incomprehensible actions.

The game itself will kindly tell you about them (that is, it will transmit recommendations for a throw from your catcher). It remains only to aim or, following the advice of a teammate, choose the type of throw. There are a lot of shots, and at first they all drive them into a stupor, but you just have to plunge into the game with your head, and you will immediately understand that, for example, a splitter is a pitch in which the ball falls sharply down in front of the strike zone. But the curveballs is a throw in an arc.

By itself, the throw technically looks exactly the way we ourselves want it – before the start of the game, the whole thing can be configured (each of the options is given a try). It can be just aiming and pressing one button, or it can be a mini-game in which you need to “catch” the scale.
There are four throw options in total. The remaining actions also account for four control options. However, there are also extraneous factors that affect the roll. The weather also plays a role, of course. In addition, our athlete has indicators of emotions, fatigue, fighting spirit and physical condition. If you make a mistake several times in a row, then your pitcher is likely to get upset, and this can easily affect the future game.
In attack, the main task is to beat off throws.  If it’s too late, then you still won’t be left without information. The main thing is to look at the tips, and also take into account the weather conditions.

MLB The Show 17 is not deprived of modes. In addition to a bunch of online modes, “quick” play, practice and team management, there is Road to the Show. There you have to create your own player (with the help of an impressive editor) and guide the athlete through the thorny path of a professional baseball player, helping him achieve success and experiencing defeat with him.

This mode, of course, is not as exciting as The Journey in FIFA 17, but it can compete with NBA 2K. Here we have a story, and dialogues with a choice of answers, and numerous training sessions, as well as the opportunity to participate in championships and drafts. In general, everything for which we love the story mode in sports simulators.