Dragon City Mobile Game Review

Dragon City, developed by developer Studio Socialpoint, is a real-time strategy game with elements of a city builder in which you have to raise different dragons, upgrade them and complete various missions with the participation of winged lizards. Thanks to intuitive control and full localization into Russian, the project is easily perceived, even a beginner will understand it without any problems. The essence of the gameplay is to develop your settlement, explore new subspecies of dragons, care for and train them. If the game seems difficult or slow to you, just download Dragon City on PC. Installing on a computer will allow you to solve problems with optimization, performance and compatibility.

He himself is training dragons and agrees to bring you up to date. The gameplay in the project takes place with a “top view”, you play the role of an “invisible hand”, which manages the camp. There are no additional heroes, except for the dragons themselves, which the user can name at their discretion.

in the game. The division into solo mode and multiplayer in the application is simply not provided. There is no clear narrative here either. There are missions and levels in the game, for the completion of which the user receives a reward, but they are not connected in any way with an integral story.


The gameplay in this game is centered around the idea of ​​training dragons. In order to breed new subspecies, you must first open simple, elemental lizards. Each of them needs a separate house, a tile with the landscape familiar to the dragon, so build them first. In order for you to have the first lizard, you need an egg. You can buy it by paying with a special currency, get it for completing tasks, or just wait for it to appear.

By crossing two lizards of different subspecies, you will discover a new variety. In addition to the buildings in the game, there is also an infrastructure that serves to maintain and train dragons. To grow, lizards need food, and to produce it, you must build farms.

The whole gameplay consists in arranging the island and the camp, training dragons, breeding new subspecies. As you level up, the lizards will grow and change. When you have an adult, you can perform various tasks, including fighting other users in the arena. The combat system in the application is as simple as possible, bloodless and arcade.

However, battles with other gamers still serve well in order to diversify the gameplay. This means that you can download the client just like that, but you will have to pay for purchases as part of the gameplay.  This solves most of the problems with picture quality and gameplay smoothness.

Game control

Since the project is closest to the usual RTS, the user will not have any difficulties with the manipulation of the gameplay. Navigation in the main menu and on the tactical interface is done using a touch screen. With it, you can select a specific category, such as the Home tab. Now click on the building you need for the dragon that has already hatched.

The Buildings tab contains buildings that are needed to produce resources, gold and food. To pump a dragon, you need to feed it. Click on the “Dragons” tab, select one of the ones you’ve already tamed, then click on the “Feed” tab. With each level, the lizard will need more and more food. That’s all the main functions within the gameplay of the project.

Interesting Facts

Dragon City is a very big game. It has the ability to breed and tame more than a thousand dragons, each of which belongs to its own element. Some of the subspecies are so rare that they are almost impossible to obtain in the usual way. You need to donate or take part in events. As a reward for completing the event, a unique or rare “skin” for the next dragon may also appear.

If you decide to play Dragon City on a computer, you will definitely need the Blues tacks 4 program. This is a virtual device emulator that is needed to generate an additional disk on the computer. In fact, this is a virtual smartphone that will work due to the computing power of a computer. Do not worry, the program is quite simple, you can easily cope with it, you just need to carefully follow the instructions attached below.

Unpack the software. Make sure the emulator is fully functional. Before you proceed with the installation, you also need to carefully review the requirements of the target program. When you are ready, take the following steps: Create a virtual machine suitable for the requirements of the Dragon City application on your computer. It should appear in the “My Computer” tab.

Double click on its shortcut to get to the disk interface. Find the search field in it. Enter the name of the game in the original format in the empty line, press “Enter”. Thus, you will find yourself on the page with the game in the Google Play online store.  Click on the highlighted “Download” button to download the game client. The emulator will automatically extract and install it. The program will also create a shortcut through which you will access the application.