Boom Beach – game review

It just so happened that the quality bar in online RTS on mobile platforms is set by Supercell. It was they who developed the now familiar concept of pinpoint landing of troops and the maximum liberalization of all aspects of the game. The fantasy world of Scandinavian epics in a “plasticine” presentation.

coupled with the original gameplay, brought their multiplayer tactics Clash of Clans to the top of the ratings of all gaming publications and is still in great demand. Therefore, when reviewing the new Boom Beach, we will start from it, because no one has yet canceled the fears about the monetization of the franchise, and those who like to play the same game, but in a new wrapper, still need to be looked for.

Key gameplay innovations in Boom Beach

The first thing that catches your eye is the change of scenery from fantasy crypt to the popular theme of the Second World War. No, we are not facing another gloomy strategy that tells about the harsh realities of field battles, but the same positive attitude and clear skies. Now each player becomes the ruler of his own tropical island and.

together with the settlers, begins to equip his village, which is quite typical for the genre. In addition to the main branches of defense and economy, support structures have appeared in the game, which will increase various parameters with multipliers, be it DPS or resource generation. In general, we have seen similar architecture in dozens of other projects, but do not rush to get upset, because Boom Beach still has something to surprise.

Oddly enough, most of the innovations fell on the plot of the game, which diversified the gameplay even more. The Boom Beach universe tells of a fictional confrontation between the Allied forces and the territorial expansion of the Axis. The developers borrowed colorful characters from both sides and offered their own story of events that unfold in a tropical archipelago.

The focus is on the peaceful indigenous population, fishing and in terms of development corresponds to the real peoples of Oceania, with the only difference being that the locals in Boom Beach use magic in everyday life, and also enchant the aforementioned support statues, which became the subject of conflict.

Global world and in-game economy Boom Beach

The Axis army mercilessly exploited thousands of Aboriginal settlements, using the ritual memos of the locals to build up military power, until the Allied forces entered into a confrontation. From the first levels, players confront Wehrmacht AI bases led by a certain Lieutenant Hammerman, as well as their accomplices – the rest of the real players.

It turned out to be a kind of hybrid of a gradually opening world, where P2P and Pave modes are simultaneously intertwined. Interestingly, there is no such division into black and white in the game. All players play for the Alliance, so only the color changes. In other words, on the global map, we are enemies highlighted in red for our opponents, just like they are for us, but that’s not all.

Developers from Supercell tied the settlements opened on the map to the players’ accounts, thus giving them real “neighbors” who are unsuitable for friendship, but just right for mutual farming. As for the accumulation of resources, we note that the mines, sawmills and saxifrage suffered a significant nerf.

so the main focus should be on the liberation of the islands and raids of opponents. The fact is that each settlement cleared from the oppression of antagonists brings the allies an hourly profit in gold, so the islands recaptured from the enemy will have to be defended regularly. The situation of shortage of materials is brightened up by additional resource bases, which open with the required level of radar range and the corresponding level of the command center. Who said that gold is not enough?

Features combat mechanics Boom Beach

The open world and the presence of a trivial plot are undoubtedly good, but still not enough for the level of the next download leader. Therefore, the main emphasis in Boom Beach is on a radically redesigned combat mechanics. You can forget about the free deploy of hundreds of units used in most clones.

Now the invasion takes place in the best traditions of D-Day and is no less than completely reminiscent of the Normandy landings. Dropships have replaced free slots and, depending on the species, have different amounts of corpses. For example, in a level 2 paratrooper, up to 6 infantrymen or 1 machine gunner are placed, which forces a competent layout of the initial composition. I am glad that the replacement is compensated and it can be done at any time.

We almost forgot: an old dream of Clash of Clans fans has come true – the surviving troops are now returning home! To tell the truth, without a save of units, newcomers would have had a hard time, because at the beginning there were only two shuttles, there were even fewer troops.

and the AI ​​defense puts up a serious one. From the outside, it may seem that the developers deliberately developed such a mechanic, in which the troupe merged in batches just like in some kind of social browser (we will not poke our fingers at the distinguished donation drummers from Platinum) and it would have been so if not for two BUT . The first lies in one essential floating argument called a gunboat, and the second flows smoothly from the first, but let’s go in order.

So about the gunboats. At the first level – a leaky vessel, but closer to the light game it turns into a real floating fortress. You won’t have to fight on them, which does not detract from their potential importance, since.

depending on the level, they determine one-time damage at any point on the map and the number of starting points of ammunition that will be replenished for each building or fortification destroyed by the landing. The appearance of the gunboat brought, in addition to additional interactivity, another wonderful feature – shells with signal lights, which, for the time being, lure the troop even to the edge of the map, which significantly reduced the number of initial rages its.