Zombie Derby 2 Game Review

The theme of the zombie apocalypse seems to never get old – hordes of the living dead continue to flood TV screens, desktops and mobile devices. In the second part of the exciting Zombie Derby arcade game from Hero Craft, the walking dead have become even more dangerous and aggressive, and, most importantly, even more realistic thanks to updated 3D graphics.

Zombie Derby 2 looks really spectacular, the locations and landscapes of the game please with their diversity. Wherever you find yourself – on city streets, in the desert or among mountain landscapes, only one thing remains the same – hordes of zombies that have flooded the world.

The game will not give you time to think, you will not be able to find out exactly what happened and what are the causes of the zombie epidemic, because its essence is far from thinking – Zombie Derby 2 is a solid arcade action, interrupted only by upgrades.
Your goal in it is to complete missions, getting from one point of the map to another in a well-protected and armed car. How well protected? A logical question, and the answer to it depends only on you. The same applies to weapons – you yourself equip your car, choosing it from 8 gradually unlocked types.

The steepness of the car is the key to your survival, which means that there can be no trifles here – you will have to take care of the availability of weapons, more and more deadly with each level passed, and armor for your car.

Weapons will allow you not only to shoot back from attacking zombies, but also to destroy obstacles, and armor is indispensable in case of blockages on the road, which you will easily sweep away, properly strengthening your car. But that’s not all – you can not do without nitro, because to overcome some obstacles you will need a significant acceleration.

Do not forget about the fuel tank – without enough fuel you will not pass the level with a good result, and about the tires – they improve traction and avoid accidents. In a word, there are no trifles in this game, therefore, while in your garage, try to pay attention to upgrading all the parameters of the car, as far as the coins earned during the passage of levels will allow you.

Although we may be wrong about something, one little thing is still present – these are stickers that will allow you to customize the car at your discretion and give it a unique style, but will not affect the course of the game and your success in destroying the living dead. Nevertheless, if you still have extra coins after pumping, why not decorate your deadly car with an inscription appropriate for the occasion ?!

Over time, you will have to change the car to a more powerful and dangerous one, so do not forget that you still need to save money, which means that you should not get carried away decorating the existing “iron horse”.

As you can see, the upgrades here are a thoughtful and exciting process, but certainly much less exciting than the race itself through locations literally teeming with zombies – it will be difficult for you to break away from this process. The very gameplay of Zombie Derby 2 will seem familiar to those players who appreciated the first part of this arcade game.

Management in the game, the authors have kept similar to the one to which we have already become accustomed earlier – it is convenient and intuitive. On the right side of the screen are the gas pedal and the nitro button, which will allow you to speed up the movement of your armored car. The button on the left side of the screen is responsible for shooting at zombies and obstacles. Thus, we get here a kind of mix of a racer and a shooter – and this mix can seriously tighten.

Keep in mind – the more distance you can overcome during the passage of the level, the more coins you will be able to earn. The distance that your car will be able to drive depends not only on the volume of the fuel tank – you will have to learn how to use fuel correctly, and this creates an additional difficulty in passing. Driving fast, destroying zombies and smashing obstacles – that’s not all. You have to take into account the terrain and not accelerate where it is not necessary in order to save fuel and cover a greater distance.

In addition to coins, during the passage you earn experience and cups for the destroyed zombies – all these parameters will allow you to compete with other players in the leaderboards in the future.

Despite the presence of in-game purchases that allow you to turn off ads, buy more coins or purchase an unlimited supply of fuel, it can be said that there is no donation in this game – it does not require investments, and successful promotion in it is quite possible without any expenses.

To the overall positive impression of the gameplay of Zombie Derby 2, we should add the impression of the visual style of the game and its voice acting – both of which are on top here. Three-dimensional graphics pleases with quality, and rock music adds drive – it’s a pleasure to deal with hordes of zombies under hard guitar chords.