King of Avalon: Dominion Game Review

No matter how insulting it may sound, but if you are familiar with the strategy genre on mobile platforms (especially free ones), then you will not see anything new in King of Avalon. These are the same good scenery, fairly simple and maximally repetitive gameplay and a certain point in the process of passing when you have to either invest money or wait a long time, which will not bring much pleasure either.

First impression

If you open the King of Avalon page on Google Play or the App Store, you will see the most gorgeous promo art, which seems to promise the level of Creative Assembly’s unreleased Total War parts – a kind of interactive battle at Helm’s Deep.

You come to the aid of King Arthur, who is returning from a quest to reclaim his throne. He returns the throne, but at the cost of his own life. You are expected to take his place and now you have to deal with palace affairs, monitor resources, participate in military operations, and so on.

It immediately becomes clear that cinematic scenes and truly large-scale battles should not be expected. Everything turns out to be much easier, although due to the total number of activities, there will always be something to do.

If you have never actually played similar games, then at the beginning you will find a tutorial that will consistently guide you through all the gameplay elements.


Appearance of the game

In cooperation, developers of mobile strategies almost always create really interesting things. The latter are well-drawn, well-animated, great-sounding, and offer plenty of options for what to do. Yes, classes are not always particularly interesting, but now is not about that.

King of Avalon is very cool drawn. Probably, such landscapes and urban elements were imagined by Tolkien, Salvatore or Sanderson when they wrote their epic volumes. However, this impression fades over time.

What to do in King of Avalon?

The first layer of occupations in the game is construction. Really, forget about planning. You will simply choose which building to build on each of the pre-marked zones.

At first, the timer will be no more than a few seconds, so you can use it. Over time, when you are asked to “pay” for the building necessary for passing, for example, 5 minutes of your time, you will have to decide what to sacrifice – expensive currency or precious time. In addition to time limits, you are also waiting for a limit on the number of simultaneous constructions.

The next section is the use of constructed buildings for their intended purpose. For example, in the barracks that you build almost at the very beginning, you will need to train soldiers. Even at the start it will take 6 minutes.

When no direct prompts are given as to what to do at a particular moment, you can always complete tasks: from the specific “build two farms” to the abstract “show your strength.” The developers themselves divided them into ordinary and legendary. The essence is not much different, but the latter are expected to give more valuable rewards.
Everything in your kingdom needs resources. They can be mined using various buildings, such as a sawmill or a farm, as well as searched on the global map. To do this, you need to go beyond the boundaries of your kingdom, select the desired building and capture it. This will require time from the army, which will deal with the capture.

Where there is an army and military power, there are battles. True, here they pass in automatic mode. You simply send your troops against the monsters or armies of another player and wait for the outcome. In the case of monsters, you need to be consistent, attacking the simplest ones first.

What else is in the game?

After that, you will simply have common tasks, the rewards for completing which will be distributed among all members of your clan.

You will find a huge number of rewards for activities. If you enter the game every day, participate in in-game events, not only develop, but complete tasks, you will be able to earn much more.

Be sure to check out the event center, where interesting activities are waiting for you, with the help of which you can also accelerate your development.

The most interesting of the non-core mechanics of the game is the skills section, where you can pump certain characteristics that increase your in-game performance. It is divided into three branches: war, economy and balance.

What about in-app purchases?

They are. You can play without them, and for quite some time. But you will get much less pleasure, and this is done intentionally.

That is, the developers specifically made it so that at certain moments you had to pay, just so as not to spoil the emotions. Although, I think everyone has long been accustomed to this in mobile games and does not discuss the very fact of the presence of in-game purchases, how much their level of persistence.
So, in King of Avalon, these purchases are pretty annoying. This is indicated, for example, by the fact that out of 15 interface buttons, about a third are devoted to one or another way to invest real money in the game: it is either buying a chest at a mega favorable price, or speeding up, or some items necessary to participate in a particular event .

Despite the fact that you will almost always be promised impressive discounts on all types of purchases, sometimes their scale is amazing.

There is also a VIP status here – a kind of subscription to various paid activities. With it, you can speed up many routine activities at a more pleasant price.