Business Tycoon Online Game Review

Who among us has not dreamed of earning a huge pile of money and living for our own pleasure? Alas, in the real world, only a few reach the top of the business Olympus. And, as always, computer games come to the rescue, which allow you to feel like a real magnate without risk to your physical, moral and financial health, taking on the management of your company. The world’s most popular online business game, Business Tycoon Online, has just reached our shores.

On the way to success

In Business Tycoon Online, the player is invited to do business in one of four areas: retail, services, entertainment and restaurant business.  Not only the types of establishments differ (and there are many of them, by the way) and the necessary skills of employees, but also, for example, areas of the city in which it is preferable to do business.

It should be noted right away that, despite the rather realistic game system, even the most distant person from the world of finance will not be allowed to get lost in the economic intricacies. Immediately after choosing the area in which the newly minted merchant will work, an investor comes to the aid of the player – an extremely useful NPC, who at first acts as a teacher and assistant.

Performing his clear tasks, the player gets acquainted step by step with all the basic components of the game. Thus, by the time the green arrows stop suggesting what to do next, any newcomer is already able to do business on his own. However, the investor also does not disappear anywhere – his daily tasks and financial support will not let you go astray throughout the game.

Another reliable assistant will be your secretary. By the way, you yourself choose its appearance and character before the start of the game. As the developers jokingly noted, fortunately.

all the secretaries in Business Tycoon Online are beautiful. You can also change her name – you never know what kind of secretary you have always dreamed of? In addition to aesthetic pleasure, the secretary, of course, also brings purely practical benefits: she looks through your mail, prepares reports, and also performs various assignments that have a positive effect on the work of the entire company and generally make life much easier for the big boss.

Anyone can join the game. Beginners in business will get used to it without any problems, and people familiar with the basics of economics will be able to put their knowledge into practice on the scale of a large company.

Business Basics

The main income in the game comes from real estate owned by the player. If you chose, say, retail, then it will be all kinds of stores: from postcard stores to candy and sporting goods. Having decided on the district of the city and the street, the player takes a free place and builds his shop there. The richer and more prestigious the place is chosen.

the more revenue will be, but the rental costs will also increase. You will also have to think about the product – you can buy it on the side, or you can produce it in your own factory (if you took care of its existence). Literally everything is configured: from the quality and quantity of goods to the method of delivery.

Advertising, the cleanliness of the store – all these, of course, are important things, but without staff, the business will not budge.  The set of characteristics of workers in Business Tycoon Online is even greater than that of the player himself. Here you have an indicator of employee loyalty (valuable personnel can be poached from competitors), and the confidence necessary for negotiating, various talents, abilities, experience, qualifications … In general, competent work with personnel becomes almost the main key to success here.

Employees can be used not only as ordinary employees, but also appointed to higher positions in your company (if you have the necessary data), sent to negotiate with other companies (and even the mafia), entrust any routine work. Well, the personal growth of the staff also needs to be paid attention: send people to courses, encourage the successful, help the promising, scold the lazy, and even just chat with your employees.

The strongest survives

In Business Tycoon Online, the player is never alone for a second. Perhaps it is a very developed social component that makes this game so addictive. It is understandable – what kind of business simulator would it be if you had to build your empire all alone? Competition is the main driving force of the market economy, and the creators of the game understood this very well.

Already at the very beginning, it may turn out that the place you liked for your first establishment is already occupied by a more efficient entrepreneur. But the most interesting begins with the growth of the business. Players hunt for talented employees, trade on the stock exchange and do business on the black market. The media are not asleep – someone places an advertisement for their store in the newspaper, and someone denigrates competitors on the radio. You can hire detectives, attack other people’s stores and place guards in your own. Of course, it is possible to coexist peacefully, and at different levels: from a simple handshake when meeting on the street, to the creation of a joint venture.

In the harsh world of ongoing economic warfare, it is difficult to reach the very top alone. Many businessmen prefer to join guilds that give their members a tangible advantage. Anyone can create a guild – another question is whether he can lead it to success, because there is a constant war between guilds for influence in the city. Some influential guild claims for every more or less significant object in the city. In this rivalry, not only the financial capabilities of the parties are important, but also the abilities of their employees who conduct negotiations.

Heads of guilds, their members and simply independent entrepreneurs – everyone can actively participate in the political life of the city.  It should be noted that getting a high position gives the player quite real powers, so here the game is also as close to reality as possible.

But social life is not only constant debate and competition. Quite peaceful events take place in the game – social events, receptions, contests, etc. If you want to succeed, take care of your reputation in society – do charity work, buy prestigious vehicles, go to receptions with the mayor.