Last Island Survival Game Review

Last Island of Survival is a multiplayer survival simulator in which you can challenge an entire server alone or team up with like-minded people. The concept of survival in the open world was very warmly received on the computer platform, where this game direction was born. One of the most popular video games on this subject is Rust, which has already managed to acquire thousands of amateur servers with various modifications. On mobile devices, an honest open world in survival simulators has not been observed for a long time.

but the HK HERO ENTERTAINMENT CO.,LIMITED studio has made every effort to make its own Rust appear on the Play Market with all its inherent gameplay features and game mechanics. The result of painstaking and long work of the studio was a game called Last Island of Survival. In this project, everyone is invited to try to survive in an aggressive world where real players cannot be trusted, and it is easier to run away from zombies and mutants than to fight with them. If you are willingly interested in the concept of survival in video games, then be sure to refer to the methods below for downloading Last Island of Survival on PC.

The Chinese studio HK HERO ENTERTAINMENT CO.,LIMITED has long been known on the Play Market for its revolutionary projects. This developer closely follows the trends of the mobile gaming industry and releases only high-demand and high-quality products. The development team is especially fond of the concept of survival, which is dedicated to three full-fledged projects of the studio.

You might not know this, but a whole layer of gamers has formed on the computer platform, who daily spend hours in various survival simulators. Developers are actively working on the release of such projects, turning to the most unexpected topics. It so happened historically that the themes of our time and the near future are most widespread, and this influenced the gameplay of Last Island of Survival.

Mobile gamers have already dubbed the project in question mobile Rust. This is due to the fact that HK HERO ENTERTAINMENT CO.,LIMITED is well aware and sees the very gameplay features and mechanics that make the gaming community delight in the process of survival. It is important to note that the described project recently received a major update, which not only reworked absolutely all game mechanics, but even changed the name of the game, since the project was previously called Last Day Rules: Survival. If you look at the product’s stats, you’ll see over five million downloads, one hundred and sixty-seven thousand reviews, and a relatively modest 3.6 score.


The described project combines the ideas of online shooters, sandboxes, role-playing projects and many other representatives of popular genres today. Although the game does not have a storyline, but the local gameplay can beat any competitor in terms of the number of opportunities and the freedom of action provided to the players.

It is worth saying that there is a common core of gameplay features here, but their set will constantly change, as each individual server offers you its own set of rules. The general concept of the gameplay is that you will have to collect resources, build a dwelling, craft things useful for survival and keep the character’s vital signs normal. Against the background of all of the above, there will be constant wars between clans and organized raids on the most difficult bosses. Each server is a separate ecosystem in which players interact with each other, just like in real life.

Earlier it was said that recently the rating of the described project has fallen sharply. This is due to some negligence of HK HERO ENTERTAINMENT CO.,LIMITED. The developer is working so hard on adding new content that he completely forgets about fixing bugs, optimizing the application, and improving server performance. It was the high latency, constant crashes from the server, strong brakes that caused a sharp decrease in the average game score.


Last Island of Survival for PC at the very beginning of your journey will offer you to go through a comprehensive training, in which you will learn how to control your character, create things, get resources and fight enemies. Immediately after training, the doors to any server will be opened in front of you. You can choose Pave, P2P and solo server here.

In Pave mode, you will not be able to fight with other players, as all the time will be spent on shooting zombies, mutants and ferocious opponents, which are local bosses. In this mode, you will observe an increased number of enemies. In P2P, there will be more emphasis on battles with real players, who, believe me, are much more dangerous than any mutant. In solo mode, you will explore the world without the possibility of uniting with other players in a group or clan. The Classic server type is the most popular here.

To survive, you will need various resources, which are scattered in abundance throughout the map of the island. It is very important to acquire housing here, since it is in it that you can be reborn when enemies kill you. In the house you can also store everything obtained by overwork. In your dwelling, you can put various boxes, workbenches, smelting furnaces and other items important for crafting. The interesting thing is that there is no need to think of recipes for things here. In a special menu, you will clearly see everything you need to create a gizmo that interests you. Any thing here can be either created from improvised materials or found in the process of research.

Most of the time the players here spend in wars, but before them you need to prepare. To do this, players visit the most lucrative locations where you can get hold of a sufficient supply of medicines, food, weapons and ammunition. Hiking in such locations requires maximum care, because the chance to meet a group of opponents here is very high. In some locations, you may also encounter special bosses, which can only be killed by a group of well-armed people. Such opponents are quite common, but they have a random cooldown, so you won’t be able to kill endlessly. On the territory of the entire island, you will meet with a huge number of opponents, including zombies, infected animals and mutants.