Dead Rising 3 Game Review

Dead Rising from the first part did not differ in a serious approach to what is happening.  Zombies more suited this definition – they could and should have been destroyed on an industrial scale with any objects that came to hand. The sequel went even further, significantly expanding the arsenal due to the idea of ​​​​combining several types of weapons into absolutely crazy things. The third part offers exactly the same entertainment, but on a much larger scale. The developers got rid of some annoying moments, but could not help stepping on other old rakes again and again.

City of the Unfortunate Dead

Ten years have passed since the end of Dead Rising 2. People have not found a way to completely cure the infection that turns a healthy person into a zombie in just a few seconds. But it is no longer necessary to carefully inject yourself with Ombre – a temporary antidote for the infected. But since the series needs to be developed, the next invasion of the walking dead is inevitable. Now the walking corpses have flooded not some shopping and entertainment center.

but a whole town with a strange name for our ears, Los Perdida’s. As before, a strictly defined amount of time is allotted for the passage of the company. Fortunately, if in the past parts the timer literally poked a knife in the back, then in Dead Rising 3 it only periodically reminds of itself. On the normal difficulty level, without any difficulty, you can turn over every pebble and have time to complete all the side missions.

The story takes off into a crowd of zombies. We get the role of Nick Ramos – a simple engineer with a mysterious past, who will certainly make itself felt … Oh, okay, who are we kidding. Nominally, of course, the plot in Dead Rising 3 is present: the authors try to keep the intrigue, offer unexpected twists. But we understand perfectly well why everything was started – for the sake of hordes of the walking dead, stretching to the horizon.

The dead act here far from being predators. Forget The Walking Dead, which, for all its quality and interestingness, constantly hits the moralizing and “snot”. Capcom Vancouver tells us something very different: “The zombie apocalypse is fucking fun!” The whole city is at our disposal. In addition, as you progress through the story, more and more new places open up, and already explored locations are transformed. But the most important thing is that the streets and buildings are literally drowning in the ocean of reanimated carrion, and you don’t have to go far for the means of its destruction. Closer to the finale, it becomes difficult to make your way without a grenade launcher.

Everything that comes to hand is used: from knives and wrenches to samurai katanas and inventory of brothels. At a critical moment, even a strong piece of wood can help out!  It is much better to use a combo weapon for which you need to find a scheme, and then pick up materials. Having collected the conditional “fiery scythe of death” once, the character will always be able to find it in the weapon locker. Experimenting, as it was in the sequel, is not allowed – the combination is opened only after finding the scheme. On the other hand, there is no need to look for special machines anymore: assembly is carried out directly in the field.

This is not to say that Dead Rising 3 is unmistakably recognized as a “new generation” project. She lacks detail and elaboration of the environment, but the number of zombies on the screen often exceeds a hundred, and sometimes the “herd” grows to two hundred or three hundred “heads”. Therefore, an attempt to break into a crowd with an electric katana usually turns into a crazy meat grinder with pieces flying in all directions and a hero covered from head to toe in blood.

The most massive means of killing the dead is now not even a nuclear mini-bomb (and this is stored in the arsenal), but a transport that can also be combined to get crazy means of destruction. Our favorite is a bulldozer-motorcycle mix that grinds zombies into mince on an industrial scale and roasts the remains with powerful flamethrowers.

Not everything is so smooth in the zombie kingdom

At first, the mechanics seem win-win: an insane arsenal, hundreds of stupid and slow test subjects and almost no time limit for fun. But the fun spoils the very clumsy management. Nick constantly does something completely different from what the player wants: misses the target or stubbornly refuses to pick up the right item.

As soon as you get used to the controls and it stops bothering you, another problem enters the frame – Dead Rising 3 is too monotonous. She has nothing to offer but uninterrupted zombie dissection. The plot and additional missions drive us between the four districts of the city, and the tasks only a couple of times in fifteen hours go beyond the banal “collect N items” or “get to point A”. Everything that happened in the first hours will be repeated over and over again in the remaining ten. Even the bosses are mostly the same.

and the differences between them are reduced to an eccentric appearance. The situation is saved only by the fun process of cutting up zombies and (in some places) healthy humor. If you suddenly get completely bored, you can call a friend with you and arrange a joint genocide for dumb-headed zombies. As you know, co-op – like explosions and crashing helicopters – makes any game better.

But the poor-quality transfer of the game to the PC, unfortunately, cannot be drowned out with jokes. The technical component can be called one of the weakest elements of the action. Having wasted resources on crowds of the walking dead, the developers had no choice but to reduce the detail of the environment. Sometimes Dead Rising 3 looks very beautiful, but it can hardly capture the imagination. The trouble is that sometimes the game starts to arbitrarily slow down at any settings, as well as “crash” to the desktop for no reason. The developers also locked the frame rate at around 30 fps. And when setting the Russian language in the settings, there are often problems with collecting collectibles. All this together greatly spoils the impression of the project.