The House of Da Vinci 2 Game Review

Greetings, dear readers. Today we are doing for you the passage of a semi-quest with a bunch of puzzles called The House of Da Vinci 2. In it we will be in the shoes of a student of the legendary master of the Renaissance. The developers promised an interesting plot, dynamic gameplay and cool puzzles. Well, we’ll check it out now.

Essenes Castle.

The story begins in Essenes Castle, where our hero is in a cell. We are given a little to get used to the controls, after which a guard comes into the cell and throws a leather tube at us. In it we find a letter that says that we can clear our reputation only by leaving the prison.

We select a wooden spoon from the floor. After that, we increase the door lock and use the resulting key, first as a wrench, and then as a door key. We go out into the corridor, and in the wall opening we find a key of an unusual shape. We pick it up and use it on one of the barrels. So we get part of the torture mechanism.

We combine it with an unusual key and get a full-fledged torture mechanism. In the corridor we see a winch with a chain. We rotate the handle and lower the chain with the ring to the floor.

There is a hatch on the floor, which we cannot lift with our hands. We take out the torture mechanism, insert it into the hole in the hatch and put a chain on it. We return to the winch and begin to twist it. This is where her handle breaks. We take a wooden spoon and use it on the mechanism as a lever, which allows us to raise the hatch on the floor.

We go down into the sewer. Before us is an iron grate. We lower the heck from above and pass forward. There we see another wheel. We approach him. First we raise the handle, and then we rotate the wheel itself. This opens up a passage to the next location.

Here we need to rotate the circles so that the holes between them coincide.

We open it and find some kind of brooch there. We pick it up and use it on the top of the chest, on the central strip. We lower it down, after which we move the details to it on the left and right.

We find a note in the box. It says that there lies an object that can see into the past.

We insert the cone into place, after which we rotate the strips so that the correct pattern is lined up. The hemisphere will open, and a ball will lie inside it.

This is the Oculus Perpetua. Use it to find a portal to the past. We see that time has stopped in the past. We move to the platform and turn the lever. Thus, we stop the water in the past, and in the present, where we were thrown, the bridge did not collapse.

We go to this bridge and take away the stone head there. It needs to be “placed” in the corresponding hole, on the opposite wall.

Before us will be a house, one of the doors of which will open. We go there and get acquainted with our liberator. He offers us to enter his service or rot in prison. The choice is obvious.

The stranger gives us the only task. It lies in the fact that we must become students of the legendary Leonardo Da Vinci and report to a stranger about all the actions of the latter.

The employer tells us where we can find Leonardo at the moment, in Milan, and also says that his people will take us.

Milan. Santa Maria dell Graze.

We start the chapter not far from that very church. Almost immediately we get to know Leonardo, who is glad that 1 more brave man decided to take his test.

Leonardo says that there will be various clues on our way, and if we manage to use them, then we will easily pass it.

We begin the test with a gazebo. We immediately move the pillow away, on the bench, and pick up the prayer nut. We open it and in its lower part we find a handle in the shape of a star.

On the table we find a letter from Leonardo.  Thus we put forward some kind of mechanism. We open it. First, we move the protruding particles of the shell.

After that, the device gives us a new mechanism. These are abacus with spheres. They need to be deployed in the correct order, which we do.

Having solved the puzzle, we will get a part of some mechanism. We use our Oculus to go back in time and begin to unravel the mechanism to the left of the table.

Here we rotate the details in such a way that we get the overall picture shown in the screenshot below.

This is a cover. It opens and gives us access to the mechanism. We return to the present. We have access to the top of this device.

Again we return to the past and look closely at one of the shops. There we pick up a disk with Roman numerals. We return to the present and apply it on the top of the mechanism that we discovered earlier. We distribute the numbers to the corresponding slots and open the lid.