Reporter 2 – scary horror game review

There is such a genre – horror. It refers primarily to films and literary works, and horror video games have appeared relatively recently. Appeared and somehow immediately disappeared for several years. But with the development of the graphical capabilities of gaming platforms, the genre quite logically gained a second wind – it is much easier to scare players in Full HD. The Reporter 2 project is a fresh horror from the maestro of the genre, the notorious indie developer Gaming+. What will scare us this time? Let’s find out.

Platform: Android, iOS

Version: 1.02.01

Russian interface: Yes

Requirements: Android 5.0 / iOS 10.0 or higher

Category: Horror

The game starts with a gorgeous video sequence – incredibly dark, heavy and completely incomprehensible. Everything is according to the laws of the genre: it is difficult to guess what awaits the player next – the mechanics for horror films are quite justified and working.

The storyline begins with the fact that the protagonist somehow gets out of the hospital, which was the entire last part of the game. For this reason, some locations (3rd and 6th levels) practically do not differ from those in the first Reporter – here some of its events will be explained and the plot will be logically continued.

So, the girl disappeared, and our hero, being a journalist, decides to go in search of her, because the local police do not take any reasonable action.

The search begins at the hotel where the girl was last seen. We grab a camera with night vision mode and go. But after some time of searching, the thread breaks where it began, and the events, developing, lead us to the very place from which everything once started spinning …

The storyline is very good and will be understandable and interesting even to those who did not have a chance to go through the first part. The story told in the game is consistent, logical, but at the same time contains completely non-obvious plot twists. There are puzzles of several types, you can interact with objects. Playing Reporter 2 is interesting, and you can’t just run through the game in a couple of evenings.

There are Russian and English voice acting, performed quite professionally. If the hero speaks on the phone or is shaking with fear, the corresponding effect is superimposed on the speech. The whole speech is dubbed with subtitles, to which there are claims. In some places with readability of the text there are overlays, in some places there are errors at all. And the very idea of having subtitles at the top of the screen is a very strange decision.

How does the game scare us? Just like any other horror movie. The oppressive atmosphere of suspense and pitch darkness, forcing you to tremble and peer into every nook and cranny. Surround sounds that make you endlessly turn around and hide every few seconds. And screamers, where without them. You turn the corner.

and there is an incomprehensible monster of a terrible appearance, wanting to devour an innocent hero. And now we are already headlong running away and hiding under some table in a dark corridor, holding our breath, if only the monster passed by. Is it really scary? Oh yes, if you play in the dark and with headphones, Reporter 2 makes you jump very, very often.

The game looks great. The picture is as realistic as the power of modern smartphones generally allows. Perfectly lively shadows and lighting (especially on ultra-settings), at the same time, movements and animations are smooth, the frame rate is stable – past-generation console games can envy. However, weak smartphones, the game is able to hang and heat up so that the user will watch the slideshow instead of the game. But that’s why there are graphics settings.

By the way, it’s funny – our hero is not reflected in the mirrors. The camera lens and everything around it is welcome, but there is no hero himself. Maybe he’s a vampire?

Well, Reporter 2 certainly deserves attention. Gorgeous graphics, great storyline, frightening atmosphere – horror fans will definitely like the game. Moreover, in order to understand the plot intrigue, it is not necessary to go through the first part (although it is desirable). And the bonus is Russian voice acting and the developer’s response to almost every review, including on the local forum. Summing up – Reporter 2 can and should be recommended as an example of the fact that mobile games can be complete.