Hay Day Game Review

Quite a nice-looking game with the ability to build your own farm, sell products and get a lot of positive from it.
We have not seen anything worthwhile in this genre for a long time, although there used to be a lot of virtual farms in the vastness of the AppStore. The genre began to idle a little for the reason that almost everything had already been used, and there were no new ideas for a virtual farm.

The creators of this product put a lot of effort into creating an interesting game that you could play for months, level up and build new buildings, chat with friends and compare your farm with their achievements. The development process is quite exciting, there are several interesting innovations, thanks to which the old genre turns into something new, attractive.

You have a huge number of opportunities to develop your virtual farm, just choose something of your own and start working on the result. Most importantly, do not expect that in two days you will build everything, the profit will be huge and you can safely drink lemonade.

Thanks to this, no one can just throw in money and build everything that is in the game – everyone is equal here and everyone can work on their own farm. The first buildings have the character of a house for our chickens to live in, then a bakery for baking bread, a crusher, and so on will appear.

In addition, the product has the opportunity to get an advantage through donations – you buy crystals, then spend them on an accelerated process of growing vegetables, animals and building buildings. This is a small bonus, but it will help the lazy not to nerf for hours. So try, try and develop your farm, earn money and have fun.

With gaining experience and raising the level of our “big garden”, new opportunities open up for the construction of new buildings, planting new seeds. There are new d├ęcor elements that are not available to us at previous levels. Also, with each new level, the payment for the purchased goods itself will increase.

The toy provides for the presence of a barn and a barn for storing products received from our farm, and materials required in order to build buildings.

In terms of gameplay, there is the possibility of improving both the barn and the barn. For this, materials are used, which, in turn, can be bought, received for completing a task, or found on the territory of one’s own or someone else’s farm.

All products manufactured on your site can be sold by placing them on the bulletin board. We sell the surplus to game characters from neighboring farms, who usually claim a part of the production. From the seventh level, selling is also possible in your own tray.

By the nineteenth level, it will be possible to sell goods by means of a river vessel, for which you will first need to build a dock for 16,000 gold coins. When the ship is fully loaded with goods, it becomes possible to get a voucher for some rare item or animal that is not sold for gold coins.

And don’t forget to check your inbox! Newspapers found there often contain information about the necessary and rare goods of other players. And “players-sellers” from Hay Day can be added as friends, or you can add to your friends list via Facebook. Also, the official Hay Day game forum will help you with this.

On the territory of farms, you can often find half-buried chests in which all sorts of “usefulness” come across. Sometimes chests are surrounded by chains, which can be removed for rare crystals, but it’s not worth it. The probability of finding crystals in the chest is very small, and all other things found there can be bought for a cheaper fee through ads.

And finally, we note some secrets of the Hay Day game – these are the pitfalls of the game, which seem obvious to everyone, but nevertheless, almost everyone comes across these errors.

Don’t waste crystals. Despite the initial availability of crystals and their replenishment with each level, do not spend them at first for the quick completion of work, since in the future you will need them oh how: for the same acceleration of work, but in larger enterprises.
Exploit the worker. At level 14, you will be given a free worker for exactly 2 days. Try to load the boy to the maximum, because after these two days his services will become paid. And he will work exclusively for crystals.

Do not spend crystals on opening Chests. The chests you found contain interesting things that you may need at any time, as well as crystals. But the probability of finding crystals in a chest is negligible, so spending jewelry on chests girded with chains is neither practical nor logical. All other things can be purchased for ordinary gold coins, which are more fortunate in the game.

Complete basic tasks. For the sale of products from the farm, coins are earned, and for completing tasks (including the sale of products), in addition to money, experience also accumulates, which in turn contributes to an increase in the level, and as a result, new items for purchase appear.

Progress. Do not leave buildings without tasks, and animals without food. Both buildings and animals will stop producing products, and this is already slowing down the development of your farm.
Be friends. The more friends you have, the more goods you sell. Do not forget about newspapers, Facebook, as well as a forum where you can make friends with your “neighbors”.
Entourage. Do not rush to spend coins on the surroundings of your farm, at first you will need money for more appropriate investments, faster enrichment. When you visit your friends’ farms, you help them water the dying trees. Experience for you, benefit for them.