Dragon Mania Legends Game Review

Dragon Mania Legends is an exciting simulation project. This game has well-designed high-quality graphics that will delight all users with its bright and colorful shades. Here you have to deal with the island, the inhabitants of which are real dragons. You need to help these animals in every possible way in order to achieve prosperity in the magical world.

The project is aimed at all age categories of users, so both adults and the youngest gamers will be able to enjoy its exciting gameplay. If you want to immerse yourself in a pleasant and cute atmosphere of magic, then download Dragon Mania Legends on PC from this resource. The game is available for free, has a simple interface and an easy control system, so everyone can quickly get used to it.


At the beginning of the gameplay, each user will have at their disposal a small island where cute dragons will live. They, like ordinary creatures, live peacefully, eat, grow up and train their skills in order to repulse all rivals. In order for the life of this fabulous population to develop better and faster, players need to build a variety of buildings on the island. You can build various academies to train your wards, as well as farms and more.

As already mentioned, at first you will only have a small island, but as you progress and increase your level, new locations will open. Also, upon reaching the eleventh level, battles in the arena will be opened for you, where you can compete with real users and check who has the stronger dragons. Here, all battles are in P2P mode and 3 creatures will participate in them.

The developers thought out and implemented a very large number of dragons.  They are also divided into several types: earth, fire, air and water dragons.

The element has its own advantages and features that will help the creature in battle against an opponent with a different element. For example, if you take a water dragon and he enters the battle against a fiery one, then the victory is on the side of the water one. It can also be noted that fire creatures are much stronger than air dragons and so on. Learn these subtleties to make the most of the features of your warriors. Before each battle in the arena, you need to pick up three participants from your creatures.

It is recommended to take dragons from different elements to allow for all options. Unfortunately, when a dragon is born, you will not be able to choose its element and characteristics. Creatures will hatch from eggs and therefore it will be a mystery for each player what he will get in the end.

The gameplay in Dragon Mania Legends on a computer is quite simple and both children and inexperienced users can figure it out.  When you are in the project for the first time, you need to start pumping the island, as here you will train future warriors so that they enter the arena and defeat all competitors.

For the successful development of the island and its inhabitants, you need a lot of resources that will help you build various buildings, buy new dragons, and much more.

As noted earlier, arena battles take place in P2P mode. Three participants from each player enter the battle. The dragons will carry out the attack on their own, but who will carry it out is chosen by the users themselves. All moves of the creatures will occur in turn. Some dragons may have a mixture of several elements and then they can use a magic attack during the battle.

To make a special attack, you need to select the dragon itself, then specify the target of the attack, and after that a bar will appear on the screen with a moving slider. It has a red and green mark on it. Players need to catch the moment when the slider is in the green zone and only then activate the left mouse button. This will allow you to carry out an effective attack on the opponent and inflict maximum damage on him.

Features of the game on PC

The key advantages of the Dragon Mania Legends project on PC include:

High quality graphics, bright and colorful design that will please any user.
Excellent soundtrack, which maximizes the atmosphere of what is happening on the screen.
Intuitive interface, made in Russian. Thanks to this, absolutely any player will be able to quickly understand the intricacies of the process.
Huge variety of dragon species. All creatures differ in size, appearance, verses and so on. Now the project has more than 350 magical creatures.
On a regular basis, the developers of the application release updates that bring a lot of new and exciting game content.
Lots of opportunities to improve your island, its buildings and more.
You can pump your wards. But for this you need to build various training camps and so on. Develop your characters to the maximum to defeat all rivals in the arena.
The game is great for users of all age categories.