Bridge Constructor. Building bridges game review

It is worth noting that the Bridge Constructor game is not at all unique and on the Internet you can find a lot of options – for a computer, tablet, for Android or iOS devices. But, we liked this toy, I spent a lot of time in it and I can say that I spent this time with benefit and pleasure, and what else can you demand from a mobile game?

because you really have to think and try a lot, but it is more aimed at reflection, fantasy and experience. So, of course, you will solve complex problems, but you can solve them in a variety of ways and thanks to this it is interesting to play. Today I decided to tell you about the most important features of the gaming product, so that you can understand what the game is like, and then you will decide for yourself what to do – download or pass by. Although, fans of the genre will definitely not pass by.


The gameplay is quite simple in description and quite difficult to pass. We have two platforms between which a river flows or there is simply a cliff and our task is to draw a bridge between these two platforms. To build a bridge, you have a variety of resources and exactly how you build it is also your business, no one will interfere or advise.

But, the bridge will also feel the attraction and other forces of our planet, just like a truck that will drive over the bridge. So if you don’t properly distribute the weight or just don’t add a couple of supports, then the bridge may well collapse along with the car and then the game will be over, and you will have to build all over again. Perhaps this is the whole appeal of the product – at any time you can start over and build it all over again without worrying about a drowned truck or bus.


The developer made sure that each level in the game is interesting and unique, although you yourself understand that this is a very difficult task. For example, on one level you will have a huge abyss and you will have to think about how to build a bridge across such a distance, on the other – the distance will be less, but there will not be enough supports for installation. Each time we are given a difficult task that can be solved without problems, but we will need to spend a ton of metal and supports.


Let’s start with the fact that the donation here is presented in the form of buying tips – if you don’t know how to build a bridge, you don’t know at all, then just take a hint. True, sooner or later the tips end and then you have to think with your head or buy them. On the other hand, the game does not require you to expect energy or something like that, just try and experiment – sooner or later you will come up with a solution and still build a bridge. The graphics, by the way, are quite attractive here, which was a big surprise for me in general, in the settings you can change the level of image quality.


The toy is quite attractive in many respects at once – you will have a lot of opportunities to solve complex problems, you have attractive graphics and you absolutely do not need to invest your money. Yes, sooner or later the passage of levels becomes very difficult, but this is the essence of the puzzle – here you need to think and solve problems.  For now, I’m going to build bridges.

And you could build such a bridge if the state gave you more than 90 billion. Of course? First you need to practice on small bridges in order to build larger ones in the future. As you know, many projects around the world have been created on the topic of building bridges. But not every one of the many released games has interested players. Today we will present the best bridge building games on our portal. This collection will gladly be replenished with an incredibly interesting and exciting game, which has gained great popularity in a matter of time.

Bridge Construction Simulator is exactly the game that will interest fans of the construction genre. Aide Media has put a lot of effort into creating a really high-quality product.  If you want, you can watch the inspection of your building from four angles, using nine cameras.

The meaning of the game is similar to other projects. Thus, it is necessary to build a road bridge from one side to the other, using different materials for this. If you choose the Easy level in the Bridge Construction Simulator walkthrough, then everything will pass without much difficulty. And in Bridge Construction Simulator, passing the game on the Hard difficulty level will ask you to the fullest. After all, to pass the level you need to invest in the right budget, your work will be limited to a certain time. After the end of construction, your structure will be checked for strength.  Get out of not you will help special tips that can be bought for game currency.  In any case, it will appeal to every player who plays it.