CarX Drift Racing 2 Game Review

About the game

Many gamers have already appreciated the Carry Drift Racing app. The game, made in the genre of a racing simulator, quickly found admirers. But one application was not enough for gamers. And so the developers decided to satisfy the desire of the fans and released a continuation of the popular series. And now everyone can download Carry Drift Racing 2 on a PC, smartphone or tablet. After all, in this game you can drift, choose different modes, race against the clock. In general, do whatever you want on tracks that are realistic, and use cars that are “written off” from real cars for this.

Will the second version be able to repeat the success? We think so. Moreover, the game has everything for this.

A quick race is not all that this application can captivate you with. After all, there are many opportunities for a wide variety of tricks, ranging from driving sideways and ending with ski jumping. Do not forget, however, before this a good acceleration. And remember that you will succeed only if you find a common language with the machine.  True, not all of them will be available immediately, but you have something to strive for.


In the game you will find three modes and many different tracks. Their total number is nine, and each track has its own difficulties.

Some gamers, remembering other games where there are much more tracks, may decide that for the sake of such a modest number, it is not worth downloading Carry Drift Racing 2 on a PC or other device. But let us remind you that the game was released not so long ago and its fans are looking forward to the update, after which the number of roads can grow decently.

However, if you are still thinking about whether to download the game, then we advise you to first of all pay attention to your device. Due to high-quality and realistic graphics, not every smartphone is able to pull the program. For this reason, many seek to download it to a computer. Although for these purposes you will have to use an emulator.

Also, get ready for the fact that installation even on a mobile device will take a decent amount of time. Just be patient, but then you will enter the world of real speeds and you will be able to enjoy the amazing graphics of the application.

Your first task is to earn some money and points so that you can buy a new car.  And even if you have the money to buy a test car, don’t expect anything supernatural from it. She will be very weak, but for a start, this is enough.  You don’t want to beat an expensive and powerful car right away, do you?

There is no learning mode by itself. And given that the game has intuitive controls, this is not surprising. How to drive a car, both an experienced rider and a beginner can figure it out. But then, when you accumulate enough coins and points, you can unlock and purchase more powerful “horses”.

The first track will also not cause problems. There is a road in front of you, you should accelerate the car to the maximum speed and switch the handbrake in time so that the car goes into a drift. Another point that will become the guarantor of a successfully completed trick is to apply the brakes in time.

Although the task seems easy, in practice it is difficult to complete the first time. Even if the car did the trick, you must remember that the main thing in this movement is to level the car and not lose control. Not to mention the fact that you need to do everything so that the car does not collide with anything, and for this you need to know at what moments to shift. In this game it is very important not only to see the track, but also to feel the car. It is no coincidence that many gamers choose to download Carry Drift Racing 2 on PC. After all, with the help of the emulator, you can adapt the control to your own needs.

At first, you have to complete missions on only one track. Thus, you will get comfortable and understand how to do a variety of tricks with the help of a car. And only after that, other roads will gradually open to you, more difficult, but even more interesting from this. Tracks will become available when you score the required number of points during the races on the only open road. For example, points will be given to you for each successful drift. And it’s not that easy to do. After all, sometimes it seems that it’s time to slow down, but often this action will not allow you to collect the required number of bonuses, and as a result, the mission will be overwhelmed. And then you have to go through the track again and again. Therefore, it is worth considering that it is better to do acceleration in advance in order to fit into the turn and successfully do the trick.

Braking, turning trajectory and speed are of no small importance.

For example, if you are drifting away (one of the stages of drifting), then watch the division, which will be filled. Ideally, you need to ensure that it is completely filled. It is possible that you will not be able to do it the first time. Perhaps the second time will be unsuccessful. But you need to strive for success, because in this case you can increase the number of bonuses earned by one and a half times. And this means that the opening of a new track will be closer and closer for you.

Despite the fact that the developers have worked out the environment with all care, do not be distracted and look at the road, as there may be obstacles at any time. And in order to successfully pass the track, you will have to be dexterous, think over your actions and be able to work in stressful situations. Moreover, each car has its own character. And you have to take it into account if you are counting on success in the races.