Shadow of Death: Dark Knight for PC

Shadow of Death: Dark Knight from Nonjob is one of the most popular “corridor” action games. This offline project allows gamers to plunge headlong into the gloomy atmosphere of fantasy, a world filled with monsters, absolute evil and enemies. The player is offered to take control of one of the four knights of darkness, develop his skills and follow the story.

discovering new and terrifying secrets. The project turned out to be very atmospheric, moderately lively, filled with a constant meat grinder, for which you do not need to pay out of your own pocket. If you just want to play a great offline game, or if you miss H&S developments, then you can download Shadow of Death: Dark Knight to your computer and try to survive in this world.

Game Features

So, before the user – a serious, long-term project from a major studio. This is a full-fledged RPG with constant action, made in a gloomy dark fantasy style. The plot is based on a fictional world that is attacked by some shadows. The user will have to take on the role of a savior, choose a class and try to destroy the evil, simultaneously doing farming, pumping and knocking out gear.

There is a strongman with a hammer who specializes in assault, a dodger with a scythe, and even a shooter. The game is “corridor”, that is, the user cannot leave the level. However, each “level” is different in complexity, a huge number of enemies and its own specifics, so it will not be boring.

The key features of the game can be described as follows: This is an offline game, you can play without an Internet connection when the user wants it. Four unique classes with their own specifics. Huge skill tree, create a character to your taste. A large arsenal, chests for storing loot, rare items – all this diversifies boring farm.

The difficulty of each new level increases. Intuitive controls, combo moves, characters are movable, which makes the gameplay brighter. Own style and atmospheric design of the destroyed world. Three game modes – story, offline and online PVP arena. The game is in many ways reminiscent of classic RPGs, with an emphasis on meat grinder-style combat.


The player will have to cut through dozens of enemies, proving their skills. Doing this on the small screen of a mobile phone is quite difficult, so you can install Shadow of the Dead on your PC, immersing yourself in your favorite project with a new gaming experience on the big screen.

You can download the Blues tacks program from our website. This is an emulator whose task is to create a virtual device based on the Android OS. Using the computing capabilities of the computer and this program, the user will be able to install almost any game and program from the Play Market on a PC. It is quite simple to do this, besides, the emulator is made in Russian and has the most simple and intuitive interface.

Simply go to our project, select the appropriate menu item, download the installer and follow its prompts. Do not forget to add a shortcut to the emulator on your desktop, so it will be more convenient to open the software. Next, you need to do the following: Run the program and familiarize yourself with its functionality.

Create your first virtual device, it will take hardly more than ten minutes, follow the prompts carefully. Find the search bar and enter the name of the project there. Download Shadow of Death: Dark Knight for PC via Play Market. In order to enter the store, use your data from a Google account, if it is not there, create a new account. Wait for the installation to complete and check if the game works correctly. Some applications may be ported to a PC with errors, displayed incorrectly, or even not run without additional configuration.

Method 1

Oddly enough, most often players encounter various errors at the stage of downloading an application from the Play Market. If you have just such a situation, or you just do not want to create an account on Google+, then you should use an alternative method: Open our website and enter the page with the game. Download Shadow of the Dead: Dark Knife for Windows, unzip the archive to any directory convenient for you, remember carefully where the data is located. Open Blues tacks.

Select the function of installing from an external bootloader, this is a file in the “.ask” format. Specify the path to the unpacked archive.  Some applications from the Play Market require a constant connection to the network, but Shadow of Death: Dark Knight is an offline game, after the download of the project files is completed, the Internet can be turned off to save a limited tariff package from the provider.

Game control

Any corridor “meat grinder” is a game with the most simple controls. Looking at Shadow of Death: Dark Knight, it seems that the project was made specifically for consoles, the gameplay is so similar. Instead of an analog joystick, there is a virtual one, and the keys have been replaced by touch-sensitive skill switches.  A joystick is located in the lower right corner, by rotating it with your finger you can specify the direction of movement for the hero.

In the left – buttons for jump, sprint, attack and special skills. In the main menu, you can select a character, look at his inventory, improve ammunition, select a point on the world map and the desired level in the location. There is also access to the online arena, there are battles between users for a reward in the form of internal currency.

By installing the project on a computer, the player will be able to enjoy the game on the big screen, and the controls will become more obedient and much more enjoyable. Moreover, such gaming has its advantages, especially over opponents from a mobile platform.