Review of Car Mechanic Simulator 2015. Feel like a car mechanic

You could even say more: CMS 15 is the most unusual puzzle of this year. This is not to say that it is too complicated, but unusual is a fact. Well, besides the unusual, it is also extremely useful, because the author has never seen anything better for novice car mechanics in the field of video training. It is clear that this game is unlikely to attract real car mechanics.   For those who are too lazy to cram the engine and chassis, but need cramming, the CMS 15 is perfect.

All fans of Need for Speed ​​and other drifting-overtaking races are unlikely to be interested in this game.  The author crashed into obstacles several times at full speed. The accident happens convincingly, but after that, already in the garage, instead of repairing the client’s battered car at your own expense, the same brand new car will stand in front of you. Why drive a car when it’s a car mechanic simulator?  The author expected that driving a car, its sounds would differ from each other depending on the type of malfunctions, but nothing of the kind could be seen, felt or heard.

Instead, upon arrival at the garage, you will be presented with a report in which the strength / quality of the engine parts and the chassis of the car will be shown as a percentage. It is very convenient when, in addition to the main task, which directly states: what needs to be repaired, there will be tasks of an additional plan, such as “Find and eliminate all related faults.” This is where the previously received report will come to the rescue. You should start the game from your phone.

In particular, this applies to those cases when, for example, it is necessary to change the alternator belt, but during an external examination it is not visible, because this belt is inside, under the cover to which the throttle and accompanying moorings are screwed. In this case, if the name of the part does not mean anything, and it’s not even clear where to look for it: at the stern or on the bow at the captain’s bridge, it’s better to minimize the game (it obediently folds and unfolds with Alt + Tab) and look where any parts are located.

The main feature of this game, like a puzzle, is the adherence to the sequence, when in order to remove the spring, you need to remove the cover, and to remove the cover you need to remove another part, which, in turn, requires the removal of another part, which cannot be removed without removing wheels. This is a chain. Therefore, immediately prepare for the fact that you will have to remove the wheels constantly, and even if you did not know what a caliper is, now you will find out for sure.

That is why, as soon as you gain the first thousand experience, you can activate the option of high-speed unscrewing of the bolts at the tool cabinet, because there is something, but you will have to unscrew / tighten a lot. So, for a normal repair, immediately decide: you need to climb under the hood, or climb under the car. If under the car, then press b and point to the lift on which the car should be placed. Approach from the side and press the right key on the control panel. The lift went up together with the car. If you get by with lifting one hood, then it’s even easier.

After you have decided on the part, press key 1 and go into disassembly mode. The right mouse button in a clamped state is responsible for removing parts, and the left one for loosening and tightening bolts and nuts. It’s simple. Then, when the part is in your hands, go to the table with the computer and buy a similar one in the online store. Have you bought it? It is better to sell the old part right away so as not to get confused. If you don’t want to sell, you can save until better times, when you gain so much experience that you will be able to repair damaged parts with varying degrees of success. Then an equally important, albeit easier moment awaits you: assembly.

The system, as a rule, monitors this issue, but in a hurry or inattention, the parts can be put back together, crowned with the installation of the wheel, and at the same time remain in the inventory with a couple of spare parts that you just can’t put back: you will have to disassemble everything according to -new. At the moment, the licensed version of the game has an undeniable advantage over pirated ones: it has more or less sane Russification. Although the fonts, of course, fail. There are no pop-up windows with names.

and if the name of the part is too long, then it is written in such a small font that it is positively impossible to make out. The quality of the general translation also leaves much to be desired, because in places the game was translated by an automatic dictionary. Although the names of the parts are translated more or less passably. The main thing that the localizers observed: the identity of the name of the spare parts in the online store and on hand, because the parts are not cheap, and in appearance, it happens that they cannot always be distinguished, so you have to rely solely on the description.