We can say that the creation of the Russian studio Zeppola, the Cut the Rope game and its main character – the gluttonous monster Om Nom (in the English version of Om Nom) – conquered the world. In October 2012, Cut the Rope was played by over 50 million people every month, and the total number of downloads of the first part of the game at that time exceeded 300 million. And now Om Nom appeared in the App Store for the third time, with the only difference that now it is not a startup of a young studio, but a project of one of the most successful developers of mobile games. Let’s see what happened!

The plot is simple: Om Nom got into a time machine. Where it came from, why and why is not important. We’re not playing mobile games for the story. Still, this event-driven canvas gave the developers the opportunity to easily and unobtrusively complement the classic gameplay.

By and large, this is the classic Cut The Rope with new levels and nice additions. The main innovation is that from now on the player will have to feed not one monster, but two at once – the original Om Nom and his brother in appearance from the corresponding era.

In total, the game has 6 eras, which are held in chronological disorder – the Middle Ages, the Renaissance, the Pirate Ship (this is not even an era, but just a cool historical setting), Ancient Egypt, Ancient Greece and the Stone Age. Each of these sections has 15 levels, and some of them make you really tense to get through by collecting all 3 stars.

Each era is individual not only in design, but also in gameplay. We all remember the various rockets, portals and other elements that helped diversify the gameplay in the previous parts of the game. Now, in each era, new ones have been added. For example, in “Middle Ages” you will have to communicate a lot with blades to cut the chains to which the candies are attached, on the Pirate Ship bombs will help us in the passage, and in “Ancient Egypt” the second candy is equipped with scarab wings and repeats all the movements of the first candy. It doesn’t sound impressive, but believe me, it greatly affects the communication with the game. After all, it’s just fun!

It can be seen that Zeptolux tried very hard to work on animating their characters. Despite the fact that they are simple green monsters, Om Yams display a whole range of feelings on the screen: they rejoice or fall asleep when receiving a lollipop, get upset when an inept player loses or breaks the sweetness.

Cut the Rope: Time Travel, like any pocket puzzle, has in-game purchases that can help you complete the level. In this case, it is Om Nom’s telecines, no matter how funny it sounds. Three trial opportunities to use telecines are free.

but you have to pay further. Honestly, any level, if you think about it, can be easily passed without any additional abilities, so in-game purchases somehow don’t bother you during the game.

Verdict. Cut the Rope to the third part has not lost its former charm, I would even say that this time-killer now plays with new colors. The game does not pretend to be something incredible, it just knows how to entertain.  But the developers promise that new levels are on the way. Will wait. Cut the Rope: Time Travel is recommended for all ages, because anyone will be moved by looking at Om Nom. Who would have thought cutting ropes was so much fun.

These new tricks now add a little bit of novelty, but they don’t change the game itself. Before us is the same game. The physics puzzle involves throwing a candy into the mouth of a monster. To do this, it is necessary at the right time to cut the ropes holding the sweetness, swallow soap bubbles in time, in which the lollipop can really fly along the level. Everything is, in principle, very familiar. And naturally, Experiments looks as cute as the previous installment.

But the bad thing is that there are only three sets of levels in this game, which can be completed in literally 1.5 hours.

If you want to purchase the original Cut the Rope or its early sequel, then you should choose the first game. It has more levels. Experiments is also not bad, but you can not rush to buy it. Let the developers release several updates with additional levels first.

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