CSR Racing 2 Game Review

Now is the time when you download a 1.4 gigabyte game to your smartphone and remember the days when games on CD for PC were sold. The time when a racing simulator on a smartphone looks so beautiful and realistic that the games of 2013 for the console or PC fade into the background. Yes, we love to feel nostalgic for the days when games were passed between friends on disk and those who had a new part of NFS or GTA were the most popular people in school.

Now the time has come for cool racing simulators on smartphones, and the most striking example of such a product is the CSR Racing 2. More precisely, this is a drag racing simulator, not a full-fledged race, but this does not really change the essence. This is the most modern product in terms of physics and graphics that will amaze even the most shy gamer. Here dust flies from under the wheels! Here the raindrops hit the hull at speed! Let’s drive.


It should be noted right away that the race process itself never changes here. You have an opponent and a long, flat track, on which you need to switch speeds and pick up this very speed until the finish line. Whoever arrived first is the winner, without nuances and excuses. At the start, you need to press the gas in time so that the speedometer needle is in the green segment exactly during the start. Then the speed also increases – the arrow is in green, we press plus and go further.


It is also possible to enable acceleration due to nitro. We are chasing game characters and real people, but about the second a little later. There are career races, when each time you get an opponent on a steeper car, there are races for shorter distances, but according to the same principle, there is a storyline with bosses, test car races, daily challenges, surprise races, and so on. There are a lot of races, they all give decent bonuses – the main thing is to win.



The main task in the game is to accumulate money and improve your car in several ways. The main parameters are power, grip and weight of the car. We put new parts, improve performance, increase the overall rating of the car and fight tougher opponents. Details of the 4th and 5th level will also have to wait, the purchase is not instant. In addition, you can paint a car, install new brake pads (the color changes), change the inscription on the license plate, change the color of the car interior. It’s all decorative, but gourmets will love it.




Personally, I am always more interested in fighting real people from the Internet, there is such an opportunity, but it is implemented very crookedly. For ten hours of playing (in general, not at once, of course) I was able to drive in real people three times. The rest of the time either the enemy was busy and did not have anyone to drive with, or the game simply did not connect to the server. To be honest, this is the most interesting moment in the race and if it is not repaired, then I will take my words about “Best Race”. And online is still low, there are practically no people at higher levels of pumping.


What this game has no complaints about is the graphics. The cars look simply gorgeous, all these overflows in the sun, glare, rain, blur during acceleration, dust from under the wheels. There is no such set of effects in other races, but you can still tune the car and this changes its appearance, you can make coloring, combine colors. Donta is there, but I personally did not need it – so far there is an opportunity to earn resources on your own, and then we’ll see. The car garage is huge, there are all supercars here. So join us and maybe we’ll meet on the track.

Compete in races against live players from around the world in your specially designed supercars, including the LA Ferrari, McLaren P1 ™, Koenig egg One: 1 and many more.

The racing game is not about racing

In fact, CSR Racing 2 is not about pure racing. There is a plot tie, they say, someone steals a car from your gang and you decide to arrange Vendetta for everyone. In addition to the story mode and career mode, there are various cups and championships, which keep all your earnings in the game (just shh, no one). All races are divided into five stages, and with them five different types of cars. From simple “family” cars to absolutely absurd and fanciful cars. To win a stage, you need to defeat the entire team of riders in this swamp, but the difficulty is that they drive the best cars initially. This is where the world of various championships and cups opens up, where you can win both money and various parts and keys for which you can win a car.

I am a nuclear power plant worker

This is the first feeling when you start playing CSR Racing 2. Everything flickers around, dazzles, everyone wants something. A bunch of cups, some invitations to the clan, a plot, and so on and so forth glows on the screen. But literally three or four hours later, we can observe tumbleweeds in a smartphone. Cups are passed, in contrast to the plot and career, the competition ends, and that’s all. The further into the forest, the more we need donation.


Hemorrhoids of all f2p games of the AAA or “A, don’t care” class. With each race, with each race, it becomes more and more difficult to defeat the enemy. And the point is not even that the green buffer zone is getting smaller, but that the enemy’s car is a priori better than yours. We are at a dead end, the cups have been passed, the improvements have been received, the cars have been bought, but there is no victory. At this moment, the game quietly whispers to you that it’s time to throw a couple of rubles for them to eat. The maximum donation is 12k rubles, for the richest and those in need of completion.