Best farming games – farmer simulator

War games about soldiers and superheroes are, of course, very good, but sometimes you want something more calm and peaceful, relaxing and setting you in a positive way. Farming simulators dedicated to country life and work on the land are the best fit for this mood.

Farming Simulator 19

It is customary to start with the best, so the notorious Farming Simulator is the first on the list. This is a serious and realistic farm simulator with state-of-the-art graphics and fun mechanics that faithfully simulate private farming. In fact, this is an endless string of various agricultural work in the field, vegetable garden and garden, in barns with animals, the construction of all kinds of economic structures, solving financial issues and other pleasant and pacifying chores.

The game is also pleasing with an abundance of content: reliable agricultural machinery and tools, various types of grain and fruit and vegetable crops, various territories with their own pretty climatic conditions, and so on. All in all, the rich content and the widest gameplay possibilities made Farming Simulator a successful simulation and economic strategy game about farming, which ensured that the computer game sold over 1,000,000 copies.

Farm Together

Another incredibly popular farming sim, which, unlike Farming Simulator, uses not realistic, but vivid cartoon graphics with a corresponding semi-fabulous setting. At the same time, the graphics in Farm Together are in full 3D and with the highest detail.

As for the gaming possibilities, there are no less of them here, and they are all implemented with scrupulous accuracy, they have variability and dozens of various factors that influence the result of the work. It’s nice that the game provides a user-friendly cooperative mode, thanks to which you can develop the farm together with your friends, turning it into a full-fledged large cooperative farm.

Stared Valley

Even less realistic, but at the same time incredibly fun and addicting farm simulator, which is a 2D game with cute pixel graphics. Music, graphics, storyline (and it is here) and the gameplay itself endow Starred Valley with an unusual environment that combines the features of a fairy tale and anime.

There are quite a few opportunities for farming (restoring the grandfather’s farm inherited by the hero), but the gameplay is not limited to this. Basically, Stared Valley is an epic countryside simulator where you can go fishing, pick mushrooms and berries, cook, explore different places including abandoned mines with monsters and treasures, meet and chat with the locals, participate in festivals and festivals and so on.

Even with all these reservations and conventions, we can say that there are a lot of players online, the Stared Valley game is very popular!

Farm Manager 2018

We return to the simulators as realistic as possible. Farm Manager 2018 is a direct competitor to the Farming Simulator 19 described at the very beginning. The game is in many ways inferior to the best farming simulator, but still it would be unfair to call it frankly bad. In addition, Farm Manager is currently under active development, which is likely to be released on September 17, 2020 and will revolutionize the genre.

Big Farm Story

Nice 3D farm game from Goodge Studios. Now the game is in the “Early Access” stage, but at the end of August 2020 its final release will take place, which will bring with it a bunch of new and interesting things. It is noteworthy that Big Farm Story is a kind of MMO in which many gamers play and each has its own farm.

Desktop Farm

A minimalistic farm simulator with isometric projection and rough cube graphics. Despite this, Desktop Farm looks very attractive and light. In addition, the gameplay here is very interesting – it is based on the construction of your own farm. And all this happens in the background, because Desktop Farm is a kind of wallpaper for your PC desktop.
If the above farming games seemed a little to you, he also recommends getting to know the Littlewood simulator, My Time At Portia, Real Farm, Farmer’s Dynasty. Each of them has its own characteristics and is good in its own way.

Here on, more screenshots can be found in the special section Screenshots and images from Stared Valley, sometimes you need to see as many screenshots from the game as possible, and even better, at the same time, get acquainted with other available materials of this game project!