Beach Buggy Racing game review

Astrologers announced a week of cartoon races on we recently recalled the famous Beach Buggy Blitz, and now we will take a closer look at its fresh sequel – Beach Buggy Racing. Despite the similar names and belonging to the same franchise, these projects are more likely antipodes, differing greatly in gameplay. In what way the continuation surpassed the original and why the head is already spinning from donate – in our review.

How is it played?

For those who are not familiar with the series, recall the disposition: this is happening on a paradise island where seagulls sing, the ocean is washed by white sand, and tanned Papuans live in small thatched houses. In the middle of a tourist paradise, motorists with funny cars and big heads staged a real road war. Beach Buggy Blitz offered to just ride on this island for a while; Beach Buggy Racing is more conservative: classic circle races, takeoffs, boss fights and other must-have attributes for projects of this kind.

The story is now divided into series – we start with the simplest, and end with competitions with the most venerable pilots of the island. Each series is crowned by a boss, but in order to get to him, you first need to go through the previous races, and with a sufficient number of stars (preferably at least two).

Since now you are not fighting with an unfair timer, but are racing with normal opponents, the skills gained, say, in Need For Speed, will be beneficial. Undercutting a competitor, pushing to the side of the road, butting aggressively in the ass – Beach Buggy Racing allows all this to be used to its fullest. There are even special driver abilities and – the highlight of the program! – any weapon that can be picked up right on the track. Yes, the game took something, including from the cult Mario Kart and Armageddon

The result is a funny picture. Under the bright sun, blowing hot sand from under the wheels, they drive, compete, push and shoot at each other with rockets (or jet chicken) crowds of furious drivers. Taking part in this booth is terribly fun, so you definitely won’t get bored with Beach Buggy Racing.

The only thing that can be confusing in the game is the shareware model, which means that money is siphoned out here with some kind of fierce frenzy. The thing is that one (virtual, of course) dollar is removed for each participation in any race. If you win the competition, the bill will be returned. Since it is not always possible to come first to the second series on the move, the stock of green pieces of paper dries up instantly – and guess how it is replenished. Of course, there is no big problem in this (everyone needs to earn money), but you can’t force them to open an electronic wallet so head-on. In Beach Buggy Blitz, this issue was resolved much more delicately.

How does it look?

There was no big visual progress in comparison with the first part – the same island, the familiar bright sun, and the houses of the aborigines, as they were angular boxes, have remained. Beautiful water droplets spreading over the windshield, which we devoted a whole paragraph to in the Beach Buggy Blitz review, seem to have become even more voluminous here. But in general, there is no breakthrough in the chart.

Yes, it is not needed: Beach Buggy Racing looks cute, does not scare the user, and it is stupid to demand more from a cartoon shareware race, where the heads of drivers are the size of cars, and the roads are blocked by giant crabs (they have not gone anywhere, yes).


Beach Buggy Racing is a great project in the spirit of Mario Kart, which does not mind the time spent. A bunch of different modes, excellent track design, a relaxed atmosphere and a frantic gameplay drive, where a rocket can fly into the ephedrine every minute – well, just a fairy tale, not a game! Money … yes, money is a problem, but if you do not suffer from chronic “Pushkin’s syndrome”, then some amount, in the end, can be allocated. Within a reasonable.

Cars of different designs and several drivers are available in the game, each of which has its own superpower. In-game purchase can unlock multiplayer mode with a split screen between multiple players. It is designed to stream a game from a set-top box or tablet to a large TV. Beach Buggy Racing supports wireless joysticks so you can even run it on Android TV dongles.

\ Of course, it was greatly spoiled by super-nominated monetization due to replenishment of energy, but there is also a positive point – it is difficult to stick in the game for a long time. Not because it’s not fun, but because it’s impossible to play it for a long time without money.