best racing games for Android smartphones!

Among mobile entertainment, racing games for Android take a special place in the hearts of gamers. Where else can you feel the roar of the engine, the excitement of the chase and that indescribable feeling when your car bypasses the opponent, leaving him to swallow the dust? But not by single arrivals. It is no less interesting to mess around in a virtual garage, sorting out engines, installing spoilers and choosing a new color for your “iron horse”. Our today’s rating is dedicated to those players who live speed even with a phone in their hands. Meet – the best racing on Android.

№15 — Race Kings

Our top online competitive race, Race Kings, opens. The gameplay of this racing game does not revolve around regular races, it is all about controlled drifts. Or, more simply, drift. Drifting in Race Kings is easy – the main thing is to feel the moment, press the gas to the floor in time and use the handbrake. The basics will be covered in accessible tutorials, and the rest will come with practice.

There is an extensive fleet of licensed sports cars just waiting for you to burn their tires. Races with live players will bring not only currency for pumping cars, but also a line in the global ranking. Climbing higher in it is a great incentive to improve and return to Race Kings. If you want to feel like a hero of the third “Fast and the Furious”, then you’ve come to the right place.

№14 — Music Racer

Music Racer is based on an absolutely brilliant idea – racing tracks generated from music. Moreover, it does not use some predetermined list of tracks, they can be loaded independently, and each track will be generated in accordance with the rhythm of a specific composition in real time. The speed of arrival, environment, obstacles and various bonuses will depend on it.

With slow and calm music, you get relaxed, almost meditative rides in which to relax. But fast compositions will already challenge your reaction. Throw in some 80s neon graphics that make you want to turn on a retro wave and you have one of the most addictive arcade racing games in the world.

№13 — Riptide GP: Renegade

Top races on Android are not only about races on cars, there is something interesting here for those who like to conquer the water element. In Riptide GP: Renegade, the player will take on the role of a guilty jet ski rider, who will have to regain his good name, taking part in illegal and often dangerous races on the water. Together with him you will sweep along the breathtaking tracks, performing dizzying stunts and challenging storm waves.

To win races, one skill to control a jet ski is not enough, you will have to use an interactive environment, destructible obstacles, and also look out for places where you can cut off and beat your rivals. The career mode is complemented by online races and the ability to play with a friend on the same device on a split screen by connecting joysticks. In the Playmaker, the game costs money, but on the Internet you can find hacked versions of Riptide GP absolutely free.

№12 — Torque Drift

Another racing game dedicated to the ability to fit into turns on skids. The creators of Torque Drift focused on cool graphics, licensed car models and their realistic behavior on the track. The gameplay here is fascinating, but difficult, these are not typical arcade races in which you need to press two buttons – you still have to learn how to control the car on the track.

Not without ample opportunities for tuning your “iron horse”, professional teams and even a tool for watching replays of the most intense moments. Fans of drifting and beautiful pictures should get acquainted with Toque Drift without fail.

№11 — Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic

Following cars and jet skis, we will delight you with motorcycle races. Race in Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic will be in one of four available modes: time trial, races with exclusively passing or oncoming traffic, as well as free mode, where you can hone your skills in the open world without any restrictions.

The longer the player drives his bike without crashes, the more points he gets, and high speed and difficult situations on the road bring additional points. Traditionally earned money can be spent on purchasing new bikes and upgrading old ones. Moto Rider GO: Highway Traffic may not have the most advanced graphics, but this fully compensates for the gameplay and realistic physics of motorcycle behavior.

№10 — Off-road Legends 2

Off-road Legends 2 is a cool racing game for Android without the Internet, where the boring third-person camera is replaced by a side view, and brutal trucks take the place of fancy supercars. Your skills will be challenged by 64 race tracks filled with obstacles, cliffs, lava, sand and other unpleasant, but aesthetically beautiful things. Good graphics are another strong point of the game.

In addition to this, there are 16 different trucks, changing weather effects, several game modes from survival racing to transporting goods, multiplayer with leader ratings, tuning and collectibles. And what is the sound of a roaring engine – you just rock. If your heart desires to drive a monster truck, then Off-road Legends 2 is exactly what you need.