Jumanji: Epic Run Game Review

Jumanji: Epic Run is a fun runner that will amaze you with the beauty of the surrounding landscapes and even some storyline. Many users will agree that runners have long been an integral part of the mobile gaming industry. On the streets, more and more often you can see people with smartphones who actively overcome intricate and full of obstacles tracks for the sake of some treasure. The runner category cannot boast of active development, since the most successful and popular gameplay template was invented a long time ago.

Nevertheless, there are still development studios that are trying with all their might to diversify the gameplay familiar to millions of gamers. New themes are being invented, gameplay possibilities, and even many familiar mechanics are being deeply reworked. Such conscientious developers include Crazy Labs by Tab Tale, which recently released a product called Jumanji: Epic Run. In this project, you will overcome difficult tracks, controlling your favorite heroes of the franchise in question. If you are attracted by the theme of adventures in the lost worlds, then be sure to read the quick guide on how to download Jumanji: Epic Run on PC.

Crazy Labs by Tab Tale can easily wipe its nose with any major mobile app developer if you carefully analyze its products. Among the creations of this developer, you can watch a huge number of games for the whole family. Here, every gamer can find a worthy project that will be interesting to play at his leisure. Runners, puzzles, arcades, simulators and many other representatives of gaming trends are available to you thanks to the studio in question.

If you are closely following the latest developments in the film industry, then you should be aware of the release of a new film related to the Jumanji franchise. In the wake of the popularity of the franchise, the application in question was created. The developer guessed quite accurately with the theme, but the runner genre itself has long since experienced a peak in its popularity.

It is worth noting the high competition between already released products within this category. Despite all the difficulties, Jumanji: Epic Run was able to interest the players, which can be seen in the statistics indicators of the application. For a month, the game has already acquired more than one million fans who are actively hunting for treasures to this day. The number of user reviews is not growing as fast as the developer would like, but three thousand comments is also a good result. Of course, it is quite difficult to surprise users with a new runner project, so the rating of the described product does not rise above 3.9 points.


The plot of Jumanji: Epic Run on a computer is to some extent based on a freshly released movie. The very idea of ​​the project is that shameless thieves stole the Sacred Stone of the Falcon, which you need to return to its place at any cost. During the gameplay you will chase the thief all the time, dodging various obstacles and eliminating the thief’s accomplices. Do not forget that all the action takes place in a virgin and wild nature, so you will have to deal with various animals that will not tolerate such a blatant invasion of their habitat.

Parallel to running after the thief, you have to pick up all sorts of other treasures, which are carefully scattered all over the track. Additional interest will be aroused by mini-tasks, the completion of which will help you to open various treasure maps.  The quality of the graphics will not surprise you, but the smooth animations will impress you.

The rather low rating of the described application is explained by rather poor optimization. The game constantly slows down even on the most advanced gaming devices. Users also often notice that there is a delay here before the character moves to another road line. It should be understood that the presence of any delays in a fast and dynamic runner makes life much more difficult for a gamer.


The local gameplay is made according to a completely familiar pattern, which is typical for all popular runners.  The end of the race will be a player error, which will lead to the elimination of the character from the race.  Enemies will also noticeably bring you closer to setting a new record. Here you can knock down and knock out various opponents who will be waiting for you at every corner of the track. After completing a certain number of tasks, you can move on to the next location, which will delight you with a complete change of scenery and new opponents, both criminals and wild animals.

A distinctive feature of this particular runner is that during the race, the gameplay will constantly change. You will not only run ahead at breakneck speed, but also fly parallel to the waterfall, climb a cliff, escape from the inhabitants of the wild jungle, and so on. Adds interest and the presence of various special abilities of the heroes.

The very first character will delight you with the ability to throw a boomerang, which is able not only to throw the bandits off the track, but also to destroy some obstacles. Playing as another hero, you can ride wild animals. There is a character here who specializes in fighting unchecks, which looks extremely impressive.

It’s funny enough that many users write in their negative reviews that after the fourth chapter they do not open the next location. If the players were a little more attentive, they would see that at the moment there are only four chapters in the project, and the next ones are in development.