Standoff 2 Game Review


Today we want to make a small comparison article for you, in which we want to take apart CS: GO and Standoff 2 in order to understand which of these 2 games is better. But to do this, you need to sort both of these games on the shelves, represented by several points, which will allow us to judge both of these games.

As we said above, in order to make a fair verdict on the games, you need to disassemble them point by point.  We are perfectly aware that we are comparing a mobile and a computer game, but we do this because this topic is in great demand in both communities.

From its inception, Counter-Strike was a PC game. And even today, with the popularization of mobile platforms, CS: GO does not change its direction. Of course, there are almost complete mobile copies of CS: GO, but these are all just copies. The official CS: GO Mobile Valve was never issued.

This is also a multiplayer online first-person shooter, only for mobile gadgets. In fact, the game was originally created as a CS: GO clone. Many critics have not unsuccessfully compared them and Standoff 2 is rightly called the best CS: GO clone on mobile devices. But this is not entirely correct, for although the games are similar, there is a difference in them. And yes, Standoff 2 can also be played on a PC, only for this you have to use emulators (like in PUBG Mobile, for example).

The popularity of CS: GO is very difficult to calculate, because previously there was a count of players who either bought or received the game as a gift. To date, this figure has amassed 14 million players. At the same time, probably the same number of players have downloaded it since it became free. Yes, many players leave CS: GO for a number of reasons, but online it is stable at almost 650 thousand people daily, which indicates its high popularity.

As for a mobile game, it has a huge audience, because the game was downloaded by almost 6 million people on Android and IOS in total. Because of this, online Standoff 2 is much lower, about 116 thousand people.

As a matter of fact, no matter how beautiful and high-quality Standoff 2 is, it, to a greater extent, resembles the good old CS 1.6. The oldies probably remember various mods for it, like CS 1.8, etc., but they all appeared after the release of CS: GO, and therefore, despite their steepness and popularity, they were not in great demand among players. And just like this 1.8 Standoff 2 and looks much more like CS: GO.

The same goes for sounds. They remind us of sounds familiar to us since 1.6, but not with CS: GO. As for the rest – character models, weapon and bomb models, shooting and grenade mechanics – all this is very similar in games with the fact that in CS: GO everything is much more realistic, and Standoff 2 is still far from standoff 2.

These include cheaters. And if we were talking about games a couple of years ago, then we would say with confidence that Standoff 2 is much ahead of the CS: GO garbage dump with its abundance of cheaters.  The same cheats, in the form of Ambit, WH, Speedhack, etc. Yes, such an outrage as in CS: GO with its twists, in Standoff you also need to look, but even without that there are enough sifters.  Hundreds of thousands of people around the world still continue to play it, but there is already an outflow of streamers and bloggers, and it is they who popularize the game. Moreover, these streamers go to CS: GO.

Previously, players loved Standoff 2 for the constant updates, for the variety and innovations that awaited them in the game. At the time of the release of this game, CS: GO was experiencing serious problems with leaving players. And there were no sensible updates. In fact, they were not needed, because the players ask Valve only for a normal anti-cheat, nothing more. But Gabe persistently saws new chests, and now also new operations. In this regard, at the initial stages, the developers of Standoff 2 were much more loyal to the players. It was clear that they were trying to improve the game, they were going to work on it. But the further, the worse. Updates are released every six months, and this despite the fact that other mobile giants (the same PUBG Mobile, for example) are updated once a month. And that’s not to mention a bunch of different events that are regularly held in the game. In this regard, even CS: GO looks much more interesting, with its operations.