Last Day on Earth: Survival game review

Recently, the network was blown up by a game called Last day on Earth. Some users have already achieved some success in the game, while others dream of getting an answer to the question what is the meaning of the game, and how to play it, what to craft and in what order.

How to play Last day on Earth

The passage of Last Day on Earth begins with the extraction of various necessary resources that are available in the territorial area of your base. Then you need to build an ax for yourself, a pickaxe for cutting trees, mining limestone and ore. After that, start building a simple base. To do this, you only need 4 cells.

Further, the location where your base is located will become impoverished, and you will have to go on a hike to another zone in order to find additional things, supplies. With the help of a backpack, you can take a large number of necessary things, which are then stored in the existing boxes. After that, you will have to build swimming equipment, carpentry table and radio.

Good tips for survival and combat

I would like to tell you a little about the secrets and tips of Last Day on Earth survival. When you are in any location, you may encounter other players under the direction of the computer. That is, the battle will take place with a bot programmed for another player. This suggests that the battle is imminent.

In order for the battle to be successful, you must know what things need to be worn on the player. I advise, when you are at your own base, inspect as many different objects as possible in order to find out more about their abilities. If you immediately succeed in recognizing the enemy stronger than you, you can easily leave the location or win by taking all his supplies.

When you often die, the game provides you with additional help in the form of issuing a machete – a powerful weapon. If you are attacked by an enemy with a machete, and you are holding a spear in your hands, I advise you to quickly escape from this location.

Last Day on Earth secrets tips

Last Day on Earth survival is by far the most popular game on tablets and smartphones. There are many secrets hidden in it. During the entire gameplay, many players have a large number of related questions. I would like to help novice players and tell some secrets and tips about Last Day on Earth.

One unit of energy is restored over 5 minutes. Full recovery of energy from zero occurs in eight hours. When you cannot get to any location due to a lack of energy, I recommend coming in a little later, since you will spend less energy units to advance to the goal.
If you once met a zombie, then be prepared for the fact that it will chase you throughout the game.

Always take a backpack, weapons and various tools in reserve. In the event that you die, then after the revival you have the opportunity to research locations, being fully prepared. Also, you no longer need to collect additional resources to create the necessary items.

I recommend making a room for each chest separately.
How can you survive and why do you need to take a shower? It’s all about the smell that beckons the wolf, predators and monsters.
How to get a lot of useful information about a particular subject? You just need to hold your finger on the thing of interest, after which you will see detailed information about it.

Tools: what is the order of using them? Remember! You should always use those items that have an unpresentable look.
Here you just need to keep your finger on a certain area when you collect weapons, items, and more.
How can you use a specific resource and not collect too much while in the automatic game mode? You just need to fill the cell with only them, in which case the opportunity to invest another resource simply disappears.
What actions are points awarded for? Collecting various resources, defeating someone in the form of destruction or murder. For any such action, a different number of points is given, it all depends on the complexity of the process performed.

How many creative stations are installed in one building? Only 2 pieces.

How is triple damage dealt?
How can you open one of the most difficult bunkers and get the code numbers? Are there any secrets in Last Day on Earth in this regard? First, go to the global map, and there you will find the desired bunker. The Alpha bunker is considered complex, so we will consider it by example. To open it, you need to use a broken mobile phone and an existing flash drive.