Asphalt Nitro Game Review

If you are a true connoisseur of racing and love mobile games for Android in this genre, then you simply must know such a popular series as Asphalt. Within its framework, many amazing projects were released, some of which continue to be actively played even years after their release. Perhaps one of the best parts of the series is Asphalt Nitro, which can be played even on weak mobile phones, which, however, does not make it less interesting. You can download the hacked Natori Asphalt right here and now. Moreover, the full version with Russian language support is offered completely free of charge.

Description of the game

Of course, making analogies is an extremely thankless task, but here the developers themselves openly declare that Asphalt Nitro is a light version of one of the most popular games in this series, Asphalt 8: Takeoff. It is lightweight for the reason that it takes no more than 15 MB in the memory of a mobile phone. This is not just a modest, but almost imperceptible weight for a modern mobile game. To be honest, it is not entirely noticeable what exactly the developers cut, and what they had to give up in order to achieve such relief.

Surprisingly, the graphical component doesn’t get any worse from the fact that this is a lite version. Here you can also watch cool, well-drawn cars, as well as beautiful races with their participation.

Although the game began to weigh much less, it did not give users less positive emotions. Here you will definitely find something to admire. Asphalt Nitro will be able to hook you, or, in the worst case, you will just have a good time by participating in several races. In any case, if you consider yourself a real racing fan, then the Asphalt series should be familiarized inside and out.

Game modes

You need to download that the passage of the game Asphalt Nitro will definitely not be boring and monotonous. First of all, this is because there are several cool game modes, each of which is not like the others, but can hook the gamer with something of its own. Of course, the first of these modes is classic racing. This is the traditional mode for all games of this genre. You have at your disposal a circular track, which is well known to everyone who is even slightly interested in racing. On it you have to participate in competitions with other racers.

But more difficulties for the player will be created by another mode called pursuit. In it, as you can easily guess from the name, you will be asked to follow another vehicle and try to keep up with it. If you have lost the car from your field of vision, then consider that you have lost this race.

Of course, the developers have taken care of that part of the players who prefers aggressive driving steel. A separate collision mode was created especially for them. Here you can show all your aggression and throw it out on the cars of your rivals. In general, the mode is for those who do not want to see any restrictions and obstacles on the way to victory.

Well, if you want to really test your racing skills, then such a mode as the elimination is the best fit. It is a race against the clock in which the player is given only a few seconds to overtake the opponent. If the rider does not fit into the allotted time and remains behind, then he has to put up with the elimination.

Well, and the most important thing that distinguishes Asphalt Nitro from many other racing games for a mobile phone is the presence of multiplayer. Most developers prefer not to bother adding multiplayer to their races. Therefore, you should download the Asphalt Nitro hack if you want to travel on the roads with your friends or just random real players. Designed for multiplayer for 4 players.

Perhaps, in such a variety of game modes, everyone can find something of their own. Try each of them to understand what you have more soul for. However, nothing prevents you from changing your preferred mode from time to time.

Game features

For the most part, Asphalt Nitro’s gameplay is not much different from that of most racing games. Here you will find quite a typical gameplay, but there are some peculiarities. The point is that the tracks on which you happen to ride are simply filled with jumps. This is very dangerous, so be careful when driving at high speed.

One small mistake can lead to critical consequences. You will simply fly out of the way and, accordingly, will no longer be able to take part in the race. This makes the confrontations on the road even hotter and more dangerous. Demonstrate all your driving skills to outrun your rivals and, at the same time, not fly out on the next springboard. Sounds easy, but when you try out a couple of tracks from Asphalt Nitro, it becomes clear that it really does require certain skills.

As mentioned earlier, this game has a pretty good graphics component, despite the fact that it weighs very little. The developers had to go to various tricks to achieve such a result, but they managed to achieve the goal. As a result, Asphalt Nitro does look pretty good. Here you will find carefully designed car models that are pleasing to the eye and allow you to feel the epic nature of the race.