Rail Rush Game Review


Rail Rush is a furious arcade game with a Hollywood scale and atmosphere borrowed from the films about the tomb raider and fearless explorer Indiana Jones. The focus is on the gold rush that hit North America in the mid-20th century. Locals, who recently sat in cowboy pants in saloons and pubs, instantly got the idea of ​​making money and started developing the mines. But the trouble is that moving through the dungeons is much more difficult than it seems, and gold bars do not fall from the sky, but somehow magically hang in the air and literally make you risk your life. Mysticism or a non-standard test of willpower and fearlessness? Anyone can learn more about the features of the gold rush, the main thing is to download Rail Rush to your computer.

Gameplay and features of the game on PC

The developers suggest starting a career as an adventurer, turning ingenuity, dexterity and cunning into money, not from scratch, but from an impressive training chapter, divided into three parts. First, you have to remember the basic controls – jumps, rolls, changing rails. After – an acquaintance with bonuses and additional elements that increase the final result and increase the chances of taking the lead in the leaderboard. And finally – the study of the scenery, occasionally suggesting the approaching difficulties, traps and obstacles.

Features of Rail Rush for PC:

Actions. The main character always moves along a kind of horizontally elongated roller coaster, leading through mines, abandoned mountain ranges, forests and steppes, or to gold, or to certain death. The main goal is to stay in the trolley issued at the start for the maximum possible amount of time, gaining the maximum points, gold and bonuses to get into the leaderboard. At first, the task looks elementary – the character is reluctant to move through the levels, obstacles are visible from a kilometer, and easily turns into a second try, just ask.

But after 15 minutes, the situation changes radically. Instead of familiar obstacles, environmental objects become restrictions (trees fall across the road, snow is poured into the trolley, and a couple of moments ago the fully illuminated path turns into a labyrinth, where you cannot even see the outlines of virtual Indiana Jones), the speed grows by leaps and bounds, and mistakes are already nobody forgives, which makes the Game Over screensaver a place that accumulates irritation, rage and rejection.

Development. Arcade Rail Rush is great fun and constantly changes as you progress. Here the mines give way to an enchanted forest with eerie trees and unpredictable obstacles. Obstacles become overgrown with a bunch of details, and the familiar bonuses that saved you from unusual situations, at some point only bring harm. Adapting to such drastic changes is a challenge.
Registration. From a visual point of view, the arcade is outdated – the textures do not have the required level of detail, they suffer from strange animations and ads that appear 2-3 times in half an hour. A clear interface is also sorely lacking – even with a strong desire not to find buttons on the screen, only a panel with current results, and the number of accumulated gold bars.

Modes. But in terms of entertainment – complete order. Here they are allowed to compete in the standard “endless runner” format, and according to the rules of thematic updates that expand the functionality on the eve of the holidays or once a month. The same adventures on Halloween will definitely not be forgotten (bony hands, skeletons and skulls jumping out from outside the screen).

Game controls

The developers from Mimili in Rail Rush for Windows offer to interact with the virtual world, jump between minecarts and explore the outlines of abandoned mines using a computer mouse. And, as practice suggests, the proposed option is not the most successful – the accuracy of actions is too low, and the response is not fast enough, and therefore banal errors appear with enviable regularity. Namely, remove the mouse, and assign jumps and movement in space to arrows or a WASD combination. As a result, you get unmistakable control even in those scenes where you have to change location three times in 5 seconds.

How to install Rail Rush on a computer

There are two ways to transform into an adventurer shoving gold into his pockets:

Download and open the Play Market emulator for PC with a bunch of entertainment for every taste. Enter information from your Google account using your username and password (if the account is not at hand, you will have to register). Then it remains to use the search, find Rail Rush for PC in the extensive library of proposed entertainment and click the “Install” button.

The alternative is much easier – you just need to download the archive attached to the bottom of the page. Inside – an ask-distribution, responsible for installing the arcade, an emulator and instructions with a detailed procedure. Installation will be quick, and you won’t have to spend extra time interacting with your Google account.