Modern Combat 5: mobile FPS Game Review

A few weeks ago, Gameloft released a highly anticipated update to its Modern Combat mobile shooter series. Someone calls it a “left” copy of the console Call of Duty, but it is the title from Gameloft that is considered the best first-person shooter for mobile devices. As a longtime fan of the series, I just couldn’t miss Modern Combat 5 and want to share my gaming experience over the past few weeks.

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Distribution model

The story of Modern Combat 5 should start with a distribution model. Unlike the previous parts of the series, the fifth part does not contain in-app purchases, which is so often the case with modern mobile games. That is, having paid 230 rubles once, you no longer have to invest real money in the game.

To upgrade your character and get access to the best weapons and gadgets, you just have to play well and a lot. I think this is the best option, for me personally it’s easier to pay 230 rubles for a game and forget about in-app purchases altogether. I remember that bright time in the App Store, when there were no in-app purchases at all. By the way, Gameloft is generally distinguished by a satisfied “correct” company in the “donation” policy – even if it is, it is not too intrusive (hello EA!).



Gameloft talked a lot about the graphics of the new shooter and tempted us with pretty pictures from the game before its release. Indeed, Modern Combat 5 is a beautiful game. The levels are drawn neatly and in detail, the water is worried and splashes from hitting, glass breaks, light and shadows look incredibly beautiful and natural, NPCs and network players also look much better than in the previous part.

On the other hand, on my iPad Mini Retina, the game often slows down, although on an iPhone 5 with older hardware, the game behaves better. This is especially annoying in a multiplayer game, and FPS often depends not on the number of players on the map, but on what kind of weapons and bells and whistles you use (!). For example, submachine guns “fly”, and assault rifles, especially with sophisticated sights, reduce the FPS of the game. Perhaps this is due to the under-optimized hardware for the iPad mini Retina and the very 100 gigahertz difference in processor frequency between mini and Air, but the fact remains. But you can live with it.

Anyway, Gameloft has done an excellent job on the graphics of the game. As they say in these cases, we have before us – a new standard for graphics for mobile devices. Of course, this is not the level of consoles yet, but somewhere it is already close to the consoles of the previous generation.

Single player campaign

The video from the first mission from the single-player campaign Modern Combat 5 was very popular on the Web. There the main character floats out of the water (very reminiscent of Bioshock), gets out on land, beautiful effects appear, then kills several NPCs and ends up in Venice. You are dazzled by sunlight, a water channel and ancient buildings. Nice? Very. But in the single player campaign I still wanted to see not only a demonstration of the capabilities of the new engine, but also some kind of plot.

The whole plot consists in a simple “run-shoot” combination, sometimes you need to have time to perform some action (for example, help your partner climb up the window) or complete a mission with 10 headshots or three assassination kills. But all this is so familiar from past games in the series (and from console and computer shooters in general) that it causes nothing but boredom.

Yes, you can, in addition to the storyline, also go through special missions like “identify and kill the target with a sniper rifle” (bullet control mode is a separate fan, sorry in the multiplayer game is not available) or “clear the room from enemies.” But the main point of passing campaigns is a set of experience and basic pumping of your character. Note that in the previous parts with the plot component it was still more fun.

Network mode

Multiplayer has also undergone changes. The number of modes was reduced, but battles between units and a clear division of classes appeared. If in MC4 you could develop the skills of a scout, and walk with an assault rifle, here you will not be able to do that – each class has its own set of main weapons and skills. For example, a scout has the ability to find enemies on the radar, and as a weapon – submachine guns, an attack aircraft – the ability to inflict more serious damage to an enemy from assault rifles, a sniper – to inflict heavy damage from pistols, and a paratrooper – to quickly restore health … Everything is logical.