Pro-Moved Checkers Game Review

Pro-Moved Checkers is a new take on the classic game from the Italian company Fore (developed by Maurizio Tarrant). The localizer in our country was the Zvezda company.

Checkers is a classic game with a long history. While scientists argue where and when they created the first checkers, we just play them. At the moment there is a whole galaxy of entertainments for the mind belonging to the family of checker-type games (such “oldies” as Alker, go, kowari, latrunculin, backgammon, reenjoy, Senet and others). PRO-moved checkers is one of the youngest games in this formation, a “green rookie” who has yet to go through fire, water, copper pipes and prove that it belongs among such famous board games.

What are the differences between PRO-moved checkers and ordinary ones?

First, there are unusual components. We are all accustomed to a wooden board (“checkered”) and the same wooden (or, at worst, plastic) chips. Everything is not so here: the field is prefabricated and completely white, there are black “overlays” on the game board to form the field, white and red chips, and even non-standard shapes. Material – soft plastic, to the touch closer to rubber.

Secondly, these are just crazy (in a good sense of the word) rules. It all starts like a normal checkers game – generating a checkerboard, placing checkers, basic rules for moving and hitting the opponent. But! Each of his moves, the player can make a special move X: move the black block of the field (from which he resembled or on which the opponent’s checker was knocked down during this move) to any white square anywhere on the game board.

Can you imagine what room for maneuvers and tactical thought opens up for the players? They walked around, removed the black field behind them – and the enemy can no longer “eat” your checker. Or you have beaten the enemy, moved the field – and you are already one step closer to his positions. In general, the innovations really add tactical and strategic opportunities.

Thirdly, you can play four or even one. Moreover, this is not just a reworking of the rules for a certain number of people, but independent games. Don’t believe me? Here’s the proof. In a four-player game, the players are divided into pairs: 1 player plays like ordinary checkers, and the second makes only move X. Moreover.

it is forbidden to negotiate. Here you can do whole paired championships: the better the players play, the more likely they are to win. When playing alone, Advanced checkers turn into a puzzle: chips of different colors are placed in a specific order (a total of 36 possible combinations) and, using the advanced rules for moving checkers and black dice, you need to place the chips on the opposite side of the field. Easy? Try it!

Conclusion. Advanced checkers is an excellent reincarnation (or sequel, as they say now) of the classic checkers game. Unusual components and additional rules make significant changes to the gameplay, and the ability to play four or one in checkers is simply captivating.

At a time when classic checkers have become the lot of professionals and individual amateurs, games such as Advanced checkers can return the interest of the masses to them, and whole families will again play “classics”. I think the checkers deserve it.

I have not played Pro-Moved Checkers, but it seems to me that this is not a particularly interesting game. Those who are seriously fond of checkers are unlikely to like it simply because there are no official tournaments on it, and those who do not like ordinary checkers will not play “advanced” ones either. I am sure that Pro-moved checkers will not receive even the popularity that 100-checkers have received.

Until recently, I got by with a simple small 3in1 set with magnetic figures, bought 10 years ago at sea. But I’ve always wanted to buy big backgammon and wooden chess. Prices for such things bite very much and in stores good sets cost $ 100 and more, and the upper price level is practically unlimited, because it depends on materials, processing level,

detailing of figures and uniqueness. I’ve seen chess made of metal, stone, and even silver. But I’m not ready to spend a lot of money on this game, so at the end of last year I decided to order chess in China for my bachelor’s day. When choosing, I was guided by such criteria: the maximum physical size of the board, figures made of wood and a reasonable price. This is how the kit looked on the seller’s page, the picture looks pretty nice. Actually, I was tempted by him.

Having received the chess, I was very upset, because despite the very good protection (a shell, like an inflatable mattress), the chess was damaged on the way. They were simply broken through, apparently standing on the parcel with their feet. I opened a dispute, provided a photo as proof and received an almost complete refund.

chess came out to me for only $ 2. For this amount, I quickly resigned myself to damage to the board, especially since the figures were not damaged. Over time, I want to buy a new board. We have been using chess for 3 months now and I want to tell you about my impressions. But first, let’s show the damage received after a small repair with glue and tape. From the outside, the damage is not noticeable, there is a small dent, but it is visible only at a certain angle.