Aliens Drive Me Crazy Game Review

Today in the review – a cross-platform action game that recently replaced RR3 in place of the most frequently played game on my device. According to the plot, the character area by area cleans his city from the invasion of alien invaders. A dynamic, beautifully drawn game that you can’t help but talk about.

From the introductory video to the game, we learn that the aliens decided to settle in the town under the guise of ordinary residents, but for some reason they chose a gang of robbers in masks as a model. Having realized their plan, the invaders begin to terrorize the city, which makes the main character of the game mad.

The levels of the game are called districts. It is worth noting the colorful design of the levels, which completely deprives the game of any apocalyptic atmosphere. As you move to the next area, new types of alien enemies appear, be it humanoid rocket launchers, flying saucers, or a combat robot that resembles a bird and appears when the player moves extremely slowly through the level. At the end of each area there is a tower with a transmitter that must be destroyed.

The gameplay is divided into two modes: driving and walking. In the first mode, the player must break through obstacles in the form of houses, enemy cars and various interior items. Among the latter, there are barrels of explosives that help clear the way from enemies and buildings. The pedestrian mode is activated in the tower, here the player must find the key to the door leading to the transmitter at the top and, if possible, save the captured earthlings. In both modes, the controls are the same: a swipe up / down takes the player to the desired floor, the shooting is carried out automatically only in pedestrian mode.

The game currency is considered to be coins scattered across the levels and given for eliminating opponents. They can be used to buy improvements, new weapons, improve them, change the car and the appearance of the character. In addition to coins, the game provides an opportunity to purchase upgrades and bonuses for real money.

Aliens Drive Me Crazy supports the achievement system, for this there is an automatic login to the Google Play Games service account, if the latter is available. The free version of the game displays advertising banners and links to other games and applications. Ads can be removed by purchasing the appropriate option.

Very exciting gameplay due to its dynamism and increasing complexity, beautiful animation, a system of interaction with seemingly non-game objects – these are far from all the advantages of the game. The only disadvantages are the absence of Russian localization and the occasionally incomprehensible physics of the character. The game has every chance of becoming a hit, judging by the response in the Internet community and the number of reviews. At least in my face, the Rebel Twins have definitely found a fan of the game.

While driving a car, you will drive through settlements, destroying everything in your path. Strong walls, house furniture, green trees, all these obstacles cannot hold you back. Although sometimes you will have small stops to clear a large house captured by aliens. It is at these moments that the gameplay of the game completely changes its appearance! If earlier you just drove forward along the city streets.

now you have a real goal – to reach the alien generator, which is located at the very top of the building. But first, you must find the key to the main door, while saving as many captive earthlings as possible. Destroy the generator and return to your car, the new game will start from this moment until you destroy the next generator.

You, too, are capable of repelling almost any enemy force! An impressive selection of weapons is available in the in-game store: two types of pistols, an armor-piercing shotgun, a compact assault rifle, and an alien blaster. All weapons are improved several times. Also in the store you can buy different outfits for the hero, a new car, another heart of health, a full tank of nitro and rocket fire, which disappears after the first use. Many items cannot be bought right away, so you will have to find a lot of coins.

Although Aliens Drive Me Crazy is divided into two completely different modes, the controls in these two modes will be completely identical. One downward gesture is responsible for descending from the platform, and the upward gesture is responsible for a jump, which will help to climb one platform higher. You can swipe your finger both along the left side of the screens and along the wire. When clearing buildings, the hero himself turns in the opposite direction when he reaches the wall. You only need to jump and descend, and sometimes press the pause and missile support buttons.