Repulze Game Review

PlayStation Vita owners can be proud of the games for their platform. But essentially good things do not come out there so often and cost decently. The first echelon of projects for this console contained the gem – Wipeout 2048, a beautiful and furiously challenging futuristic racing game. Repulse is an asymmetric response to it, which is much less difficult and … completely free of rivals.

In the world of Repulse, there are no people, enemies, friends, and a plot. Before you is a beautiful and never realistic track, along which a bizarre-shaped car is floating. It “floats”: there are no wheels here either, and an air cushion took their place. Or a magnetic field. It doesn’t matter: the main thing is to get to the finish line by winding several laps and fulfilling certain system requirements along the way. If only they had time to fit into the turns.

Management is kept to an absolute minimum. The right side of the screen is responsible for turning to the right, and the left … well, you get the idea. The car accelerates to maximum speed gradually, but automatically. The speed decreases only with sharp turns and strong impacts against fences or walls. Therefore, all the player’s attention is focused on two things: when to start turning and which light arch to enter.

Local cars run on a polarity-reversing electric motor. You can follow it by the indicator just above the middle of the screen, or by the color of the interface. If it is green, we need to enter the green arches, placed along the tracks in fixed places, and if the red indicator is on at the top, then we need to go anywhere except the green fields. An incorrectly chosen arch slows down the car dramatically. If we drive three times through the field corresponding to the polarity of the motor, we get the opportunity to accelerate sharply. You can collect up to three such “bonuses” in reserve.

For meeting the requirements for speed, the number of arches and collisions, we pump our “rating”, gradually getting new cars with a specific set of characteristics. Only those rivals are missing to fully call Repulse a racing game.

Repulse (Reflection Attack) – cool futuristic and fantastic racing for androids. You will have to prove to the whole world that you are the most skillful and fastest racer of all time. The game has 24 heavy levels, 7 ultra-fast cars, high-quality graphics and a good soundtrack. You can raise the difficulty level at any time and that will make you feel an even greater adrenaline rush.

Incendiary races that bring to mind literally all elements of mass culture, where jet cars are used in one way or another, breathtaking tracks and sharp turns. The first episode of Star Wars is giving way to classic hits such as Roll cage, Re-Volt and other computer games now almost forgotten. I don’t deny that similar mechanics and general approach were implemented in other products, but the creators of Repulse must be given their due – the game turned out to be interesting and original.

I will say right away – it will not work to make the “sun”. In any case, on the tracks available to the inexperienced player. But you will find steep turns, trajectories that hardly go under the ceiling and unexpected obstacles that arise on the way at the most inopportune moment.

Among other things, force fields of various colors are located on the open spaces of the track. They must be driven in strict accordance with the polarity indicator located at the top of the screen. Are you observing the color and have collected the three required fields? Tap on any part of the screen to activate the long-awaited acceleration. The game already requires serious concentration, and even in turbo mode, the scenery barely has time to fly before your eyes.

Judging by the declared standards, some tracks should be passed only “accelerating”, but at first you have to get used to the slightly wayward handling and decide on the preferred car. Oddly enough, from the very beginning, as many as two rockets were discovered, and the behavior of each differs quite significantly.

We are offered to fight against time both by tilting the device to the sides and by pressing the on-screen buttons. Strange, the game was released relatively recently, and the support of the MOGA Pro controller, which is asking for belonging to the arcade racing genre, is not to be seen here.

By the way, the game is surprisingly correctly translated into Russian (and many others, it should be noted), but the font, as is usually the case, was chosen so poorly that you want to immediately return everything as it was, since no one torments the player with long briefings and text instructions.

Progress through the game, accompanied by the opening of new events and the unlocking of the long-awaited air cars, is ensured by completing simple and straightforward missions. In addition to setting the traditional time limit, the player is advised to stay away from walls, avoid collisions, and often use the local analogue “nitro”.