best games for smartphones and tablets

By the end of 2021, the smartphone finally ceased to be a “shameful” gaming platform. Yes, mobile phones fall short of PCs and consoles, including due to the limited choice. But it only seems to be. Already, this market has hundreds and even thousands of worthy games, some of which were released by eminent developers.

We tried to collect the most noticeable, high-quality and interesting games for which you can kill time before going to bed or during your commute. Some of them are free, some will have to be purchased.

Important: no match-3 titles or sludge that wants to suck your money and not bring pleasure. Okay, there are two in the “three in a row” style, but what kind!

Inked: A Tale of Love (iOS, Android)

Incredibly stylish puzzle, the plot of which is about love and redemption.  Inked stands out for its appearance: the whole game is as if drawn with a ballpoint pen. Approximately the one with which we drew crosses in the margins of the notebook when we were in school.

This is a Japanese game studio that specializes in quality games of this genre. She has released Bayoneted, Vanquish, Nir: Automata and other titles. Unsurprisingly, the team’s debut mobile title also offers the player with the style to take down opponents. This time – the Japanese Youkai demons, which the main character can capture and summon during the battle with other monsters.

Sayonara Wild Hearts (iOS via Apple Arcade)

An exclusive game for Apple Arcade eventually made it to older platforms, but ignored Android. It looks like a regular third-person runner, in which the player goes around obstacles and collects points at the level. The game feels special thanks to its colorful visual style. Each level is perceived as if you are looking at a smartphone through a brand new kaleidoscope.

The Pathless (iOS via Apple Arcade)

Another runner, where the main character was the Huntress – a girl with  but to do it a bow, as well as her tame eagle. On time. Then the heroine will speed up and the music will beat off the right beat. Yes, The Pathless has to be played to the beat to be beautiful.

Skate City (iOS via Apple Arcade)

A well-made street skateboarding simulator. The game features very simple controls.  During the passage, you have to complete simple goals, but they are all related to the freaks on the board.

Apple Arcade flagship. It is a fairly large third-person game that was quickly dubbed “a cheap clone of The Legend of Zelda”. The player will have to take control of the local Link and go to explore the big world and solve riddles, as well as fight monsters and bosses.

Monument Valley (iOS, Android)

Another puzzle about moving from point A to point B, but this time the player moves through tricky structures. To make the path easier for the main character, you can rotate or move various objects and entire buildings.

PUBG Mobile (iOS, Android)

An immortal battle royal classic. Hardly anyone has not heard of PUBG Mobile, because it is hyper popular. 100 people, one card, a lot of weapons and ways to be the last survivor.

PUBG: New State (iOS, Android)

The sequel to PUBG Mobile, the events of which take place in the near future. It differs from its predecessor New State in its arsenal, the presence of electric vehicles and interactive objects on the map like trams. The authors also worked on the appearance of the shooter, the picture has become brighter and more colorful, which clearly benefits the game. Another innovation is money, which is searched for at the level or near a killed enemy. They can be used to buy first aid kits, scout drone and other useful items.

Its creators submitted to a very difficult task – to transfer the entire experience of the PC version to smartphones and tablets, while not creating a faceless clone. And they did it. Wild Rift feels exactly like its older brother. The gameplay and play style of the heroes have remained practically unchanged, new content is brought in regularly, and the opportunity to steal Roshan on a bench in the park is worth a lot.

Mobile Legends: Bang Bang (iOS, Android)

Let’s not stray far from the MOBA genre. Even before the release of Wild Rift, fans of the genre had very little entertainment on their smartphones, and Mobile Legends is one of them. And at the same time, the game cannot be called a clone, it has many of its own mechanics and unique pieces that are not in the work of Riot Games.