Lily’s Garden on a computer

Lily’s Garden is an interesting puzzle game. You are going to help the lovely girl Lily restore her aunt’s ruined garden. Lily arrived at the old estate, which she inherited from her aunt and now she has to deal with the most gorgeous and huge garden, which completely fades unattended. Download Lily’s Garden to your computer and help the girl bring the wonderful garden back to its original form.

This is a puzzle from the genre of games “three in a row”. You will need to make lines of different elements of the same color to earn stars, which are needed to restore the garden. Go through exciting levels, plant trees and build relationships with neighbors.

Gameplay and features of the game on PC

The whole point of the game consists in passing mini-puzzles related to making rows of three or more colors of the same palette. The levels, in the process of passing, become much more difficult and thus more exciting. If you make a combination of more than three flowers, various boosters will appear on the playing field, thanks to which you can complete the level faster and easier.

Important information!

For completing one level, you earn one star. You will spend this reward on planting plants, restoring gazebos, fountains, and even placing garden gnomes.


Lily’s Garden for Windows has a very compelling main storyline. You can watch how romantic feelings arise between Lily and cute neighbor Luke, take part in the disagreements between our lovely girlfriend and her ex-boyfriend Blaine, who is constantly trying to destroy our garden. These and many other exciting stories await you in this game.


For reference!

Lily’s Garden is not just another run-of-the-mill match 3 game, it is an addicting puzzle game that intertwines with an original storyline and thrilling adventure.
The creators of the project periodically release various updates in which you can see new story chapters and more difficult and exciting levels. So do not worry that you will pass the game very quickly and this story will end for you.

The main advantages of the game:

A huge number of mesmerizing locations, the restoration of which will take a lot of time and effort.
The game is constantly being updated which makes it almost endless.
Over a hundred exciting levels that get more and more challenging.
Interesting storyline. A large number of neighbors and friends with whom you can have very nice dialogues.
Amazing graphics and music.
The opportunity to show your creative talents, all decoration items are chosen only by you.

Game controls

Control in the game Lily’s Garden for PC everyone can adjust for themselves. Thanks to the installation of the game through the emulator, it becomes possible to choose the layout of the convenient keys that you want to use for the convenience of the game. Most of the users of this game completely control the process using a computer mouse. It is very convenient to click on the elements with the LMB and swap them with the adjacent cell.

How to install Lily’s Garden on a computer

You can download the game Lili’s Garden on your computer right now on this site. We recommend using the fastest and easiest to use – Play Market emulator.

Good to know!

The emulator allows you to install any games and applications that were originally intended for mobile devices on the Windows 7, 8 and 10 operating system.


Method 1

The algorithm for installing this puzzle is as follows:

Download a special program-emulator Play Market on a PC from this resource. We recommend that you save the boot file to your desktop, this will significantly reduce searches for it on your computer.
Install on your device. The easiest step in the entire installation, which even the most inexperienced user can cope with, since the installer will prompt the sequence of actions.
This is a very important point, because it allows you to save the entire gameplay for all devices on which you plan to play. Here you will see the main page of this program and the most popular games.  In it you need to enter the name of our puzzle “Lily’s Garden” and click on the magnifying glass.
Applications will open in a new tab, we need the very first, click on it.
A page with a game from the Play Store opens.

Method 2

There is another way to load the game if you were unable to complete something in the first one. This page contains a special archive. It must be downloaded to the desktop and unpacked into a folder convenient for you. In the archives you will find more detailed instructions for installing the game, as well as an emulator and an .ask file of the game itself.

It will be necessary to install and run the emulator again, go directly to the “my applications” tab and here at the bottom of the window select the plus button, it is responsible for installing apk format files. Click it and select the file that you downloaded. Everything, you can start the game and enjoy the restoration of the wonderful garden.