township mobile game review

But the popularity of this project did not exactly put me in a stupor, but surprised me a little, because in my opinion children should play such games, but their mothers and grandmothers usually play. Although, it is quite possible that the abundance of female accounts in such games is precisely due to the fact that women are on maternity leave and play this in their free time from washing / ironing / feeding and so on.

Review of the game Bird Town.

This game took off, it seems to me, exclusively on the bright images of birds, which are funny here, and not in the style of Angry Birds, but in the style of some kind of Smeshariki, or something. It seems that even someone from the bird town is a redrawn character of Smeshariki. But not the point.

In general, we need to develop our farm, another one, according to the standard scheme – we plant beds and grow flowers and vegetables.

In addition, we need to build bungalows and huts in which our chicks will live. Also, these buildings provide income. But more income is provided by buildings from the “business” sphere – a tray with donuts, fruit, and so on, which need to be checked from time to time and collected income from them.

You can also build up our town with various amenities – ponds with swans, fountains, and so on.

Discovering new islands, exploring.

Actually, only after reaching this point, I realized what keeps people in this game. The spirit of pioneering, adventure in a simple farm.

That is, among the banal tasks in the spirit – let’s plant and harvest 10 carrots, there are tasks to achieve a specific goal for which you need to clear the road, cut down the forest and stone.

First we need to reach the cave, then the temple, then immediately we need to pave the road to the boat. And here the stakes are already growing, since the cave and the temple only provide resources that will be useful in our virtual business, but the boat already gives us the opportunity to reach new islands, where we can cultivate new fields, clear new territories from vines, algae and jungle.

And after all, the move is simple, lying on the surface – give a person a chain of interesting goals (to grow 10 zucchini is not a goal and not an achievement, to build a unique building or reach the desired point at the cost of effort is an achievement), let them achieve them, feel like a discoverer, a pioneer of the mysterious jungle (do not care that thousands have already opened this cave and temple in front of you, the main thing is that here and now, on your farm, you are the first) and he will be a loyal player, because he will fall into the dopamine trap that you set for him … (upon reaching the goal the person produces dopamine, leading to feelings of happiness and euphoria).

In a word, I, like an old dopamine addict, fell for this topic with the achievement of temples and islands, and even for a moment became carried away by this children’s farmhouse. True, the game is limited by energy, and I quickly lost heart, and playing a game with such graphics is somehow not solid for me …

Bottom line, review

A pleasant child’s play. I emphasize – for children, because the graphics are clearly not for adults. Although a matter of taste, in fact. Again, the ultimate simplicity is captivating, there are no long production chains and an insane abundance of resources. Because the game here is not about the farm itself, but about discovering new islands and hacking a path to them.

Township was originally released as a game for Facebook despite a saturated market at a time when it was able to reach a large and loyal audience, which expanded even further when it launched on iOS and Android devices.

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