Beach Buggy Racing 2 Mobile Game Review

Beach Buggy Racing 2 is a complete karting game that you will love

Beach Buggy Racing 2 is a complete karting game in which you will love the Complete technical piece by the Vector Unit. A fun racing game in which you will have many tracks, all kinds of karts and those special abilities that will give your rival racers real trouble.

A title that reaches Android for free with the full intention of taking over the baton left behind by previous beach buggy races. If you want to enjoy fast paced games, a vehicle that moves in fear, and some of the graphics that will thrill you, check out the details of this new game.

A whole card awaits you

And it’s true that the wait was worth it after that first Beach Buggy Race. 4 years later, the Vector Unit has been able to embrace even more adventure and exciting races to enjoy them like never before.

One of the main virtues of this racing game is how well it goes and how easy it is to drive our kart. Depending on the terrain our tires are running on, it will be easier for the kart to follow the desired path. In execution, they did it in a daunting way so that we would not notice any slowdown and that we had object physics that forces us to collide with other vehicles in the race.

In other words, we have to take good care of where we are going to avoid those cards that want to come out on top. We also have these fun skills in our hands, with which we can launch all sorts of objects, such as hundreds of beach balls, springs so that our opponents can jump in the air, or those rockets with which we will not let them get too far from us.

Beach Buggy Racing 2 and its virtuosity

When we win races, the truth is that it’s pretty easy at first, we will get coins to improve them all. these 45 bonuses or special abilities that we will have behind us to complicate the task of opponents. And the truth is, it’s pretty funny that we can choose our own deck of bonuses before starting a race, so we’ll know exactly which ones are best for us before starting a particular race.

There are no pilots either. We’ve got Mickey, Defeat Bot and Clutch by joining Reza, Maskell, Roxy and many more, which we encourage you to discover with this free game from the Google Play Store.

And there will be a little more than 40 cars, and among those who are beach buggies, huge trucks and classic pickups with which you can animate games. Diverse content to unlock awaits you after winning race after race.

Compete with others

And while it doesn’t have real-time multiplayer, you can compete in Beach Buggy Racing 2 against other players from anywhere in the world. I mean, we will fight our “avatars” offline, although we can participate in tournaments and special events to receive prizes from these exclusives. To this we can add various game modes to keep this karting game for Android always fun.

technically Beach Buggy Racing 2 is a very well done game and shows that they put in enough heart for us to enjoy. Visually, it’s very pleasing with these funny characters, with the landscapes that open up when we get out of the curve, or with the physics of objects that are perfect for creating the feeling that we are colliding.

Beach Buggy Racing 2 is a must-have game that takes the baton to the left of the previous one for karting games, very varied and curious bonuses and a whole series of vehicles to unlock for the full fun. Nothing is left out for the perfect game this Christmas.

Vector Unit is known on iOS for two series: “Riptide” and “Beech Buggy Racing”. And we have good news, because the last episode has been continued.

Beach Buggy Racing 2 is the continuation of a series of kart racing games with advanced features. The project was developed by the Vector Unit studio and appeared in the public domain on December 18, 2018. Kart racing for smartphones attracted the attention of many users, gamers have been waiting for the second part of the game for several years.

After the release, the game quickly gained popularity, the application is in great demand among racing fans.  Users rated the studio’s project highly, with an average rating of 4.3 points, which is a good result. You can download the hacked game BB Racing 2 on our website.

Users have the opportunity to become part of the racing league and discover new sensations behind the wheel of their own kart. The player will take part in speed competitions around the world. The game world includes a wide variety of locations, from the Egyptian pyramids to an alien laboratory. As you progress through the user can collect unique amplifiers, expand staff, fill the garage with new cars. All this is the basis for promotion in the ranking of the racing league.

The application contains a wide variety of car parts and new functions for more comfortable driving. The team of drivers will be replenished with new characters, now it has become much easier to win the kart races. With each level, the player gains access to new cars that can be used to fill the garage.