Gentian Impact game review

Gentian Impact became incredibly popular right after its release – with over 23 million downloads on smartphones alone, and it was also released on PC and PS4! The success of the game may be surprising for someone, but people familiar with the mobile market, I think, perfectly guessed everything in advance. Gentian Impact is not the first game of the Mihai studio, before it the developers released at least a very successful Honokaa Impact 3rd, which has been living and developing for four years.
Gentian Impact, however, is a game of a completely different order – it really is much closer to the classic AAA games of Western developers than any mobile game from Asian studios. And yes – it really resembles The Legend of Zelda: Breath of the Wild, but it’s still difficult to call Gershan Impact a plagiarism (or a clone) of Gentian Impact. And that’s what this game should be called, and I want to talk.

What is Gentian Impact?

First, let’s define the genre of the game. Some sites for some reason indicate in the “genre” MMORPG, and this is fundamentally wrong. Even Warfare and Destiny are much more suited to this genre – there you at least meet people in the hub, plus you can intersect at the levels. In Gentian Impact, much of the game is a single-player, open-world, co-op action adventure.

The second most important genre characteristic of Gentian Impact is “gauche”. If you don’t follow the mobile games market and don’t know what it is, that’s okay. . It literally means the following: you pay a certain amount, turn the knob and see what happens to you. De facto, these are such loot boxes in the Asian manner, only anime characters drop out of them instead of paintjobs for weapons.

Gatha games are incredibly popular and bring in absolutely crazy money. Fate / Grand Order, for example, hangs consistently in many top profit margins. The reason is banal – the desire of the players to pull out that character.

Most of all gauche games are built on this. You spin the in-game roulette for a certain currency, pump the received characters and pass the levels with their help. Characters, in turn, are divided according to rarity – from one to five (rarely six) stars. Rarity, in turn, affects the chance of a character falling out of this very gauche. The cooler the hero, the higher his “stardom” and the lower the chance to get such a character. Usually, the chances of dropping out are in the region of 1-2% for the rarest heroes, although there are some distortions. In Grable Fantasy, for example, the chance of dropping an SSR character is 3% during normal times and 6% during special events twice a month, while in the same Fate / Grand Order the chance of dropping a “five-star” Servant is 1%. Moreover, this is a GENERAL chance of dropping out – if you aim at a specific hero, then there the chances are measured already in hundredths and thousandths.

Actually, just with this very “slack” in Gentian Impact, everything is not very fun. The base chance of getting a “five-star” hero is 0.6%, plus one guaranteed “five-star” item (not necessarily a hero!) Every 90 spins and a guaranteed “four-star” item for every 10-draw (that is, a one-time “turn” of the Gachupin handle by 10 units). This is a catastrophically small chance, although I personally witnessed how a person got two “five-star” and one “four-star” hero in one single scroll of a banner for beginners (I myself did not get a single “five” for 70 scrolls, yes). It all depends on pure luck.

Therefore, if you suddenly wondered how the authors are going to fight off the cost of developing a game, the answer is in front of you. Do you want a limited hero? Or grindy to blue in the face, or pay. Want a hero with an increased drop rate? Or grindy, or pay. If this approach seems to you a blatant arrogance and a brazen attempt to siphon money from the players, then playing Gentian Impact is most likely not worth it.

The genre is sorted out, but how is Gentian Impact played?

Despite the rather low chances of a drop, the game will nevertheless not restrict you and force you to turn the gauche until you turn blue until you take out character X. those very first hours will be given enough in-game currency to give you a chance to try your luck. If the gameplay is fundamental to you, and not collecting all the heroes, there should be no problems.

You have a large open world, made in the best traditions of Skyrim and the latest Zelda, as well as a seemingly simple combat system and a group of four characters with whom you explore the game world.

The peculiarity here is this. Remember the meme “See the mountain? You can climb it “? Here in Gentian Impact, you can literally climb any mountain that is within the game map. And then take a run, jump and fly a few more kilometers using the glider. And in the end, when the endurance is already running out, – jump on the head of unsuspecting enemies and make hell.