Minion Rush: infinite run game review

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Run, jump, tumble with the minions, dodge obstacles, try on cool costumes, exploring locations from the minion franchise.


Are you ready to test what you are capable of? Then rush with all your might in this funny runner along with minions and visit all the famous locations from the world of minions!

• Have fun completing intense tasks with a bunch of power-ups and unexpected turns. There is a whole bunch of nasty action in it for you too!
ВЂ You will understand in seconds what needs to be done, thanks to simple controls and unlimited action. All you have to do is run, swipe, dodge and jump and you will never get bored!


• Play a minion adventure game. It is full of amazing places with live graphics from Minions and Despicable Me cartoons.
• Race through the Residential Quarter where Gur and the girls live, through the Egyptian pyramids, through the Prison in which the minions are stuck, through sunny Freedonia, House of Eduardo full of surprises, and so on!

• If you have enough adventurism, then in each location you will find a cache. However, you’ll have to show great running and swiping skills to get there!
• Unlock new stories that will be available for a while in Special Assignments with each update of the game! We promise that you will definitely not get bored by completing tasks and taking part in promotions.
• After each task you will have a bunch of prizes, so put on your sneakers and go to the start!

Whether you choose to play the role of Surfer, Ballerina, Spy, Cupid or Cancanista, we have everything your heart desires.

Minions never sleep, and neither do we when it comes to new costumes. We always have something to offer you!
• Each minion costume has unique abilities, power-ups and style that will help your minion complete his nasty tasks

Don’t forget: Minion Rush isn’t just a mobile runner with the same humor as Minions and Despicable Me, it’s also a hit game that can be installed for free on mobile, with amazingly simple action and great graphics.

Despicable me – minions in action

Games created “based on” still have not earned a reputation for quality products, most often they are made in haste in order to have time to cash in on the popularity of the original work or film. Regardless, the creators of Despicable Me

tried to break this stereotype with their puzzle platformer based on the plot of the animated film Despicable Me.
The full version of the game will go on sale on June 28, 12 days before the film’s premiere, but now Namco has pleased users with a high-quality demo. It contains the first two of the 20 levels of the full game, which are kind of like a tutorial, an introduction to the mechanics of the game.

You control and switch between a pair of minions, with a completely familiar goal for platformers: you need to find a way out of the level, simultaneously pressing buttons and collecting items. The control system is quite simple – you select your ward with a tap on the icon at the top of the screen or on it yourself, and then indicate where to go. Sometimes a bubble appears over the heads of minions, if an item available for use is lying around in their pockets.

Despite the extreme simplicity of the gameplay, the controls are somewhat troubling. It is very easy to get confused as to who you are currently controlling, so you have to keep a close eye on the top indicator. Perhaps, in the full version of the application, additional tools will appear for conveniently managing several minions, at least it would definitely not hurt.


The official game Despicable Me: Minion Rush was released to the Windows Store late last year by Gameloft and has now received a big update that adds a lot of new content.

Despicable Me: Minion Rush for Windows 8 has been updated with new content, so if you get tired of ‘finishing’ this endless game, here’s a little more. So, according to the official release announcement, there is now a new environment: League Against Villains from Despicable Me 2; a new mini-game in which you can unlock a new power-up and prepare for a mission to the moon; new costume: starfish minion. Plus, the game now includes more challenges as you can compete against your friends in your country on new local leaderboards and even enter daily contests to win prizes! The main menu has also been redesigned and you can now receive notifications. Bug fixes and optimizations for regular bug fixes are also here.