Ready 2 Rumble Boxing Game Review

SEGA Dreamcast.
For a complete experience, Jet Pack is recommended, and don’t forget the VMU! A second joystick is a must for playing with a friend.

Alinsky, Lebed and Zhirinovsky continue to love him no less sincerely. If you inadvertently thought that we were talking about a certain long-lived homosexual, then, alas, you were cruelly mistaken. The object of love of the above-mentioned respected persons is much more banal. It’s just boxing.

Yes, yes, this is a simple sport, whose representatives cheat each other with all their might in front of an aggressive audience. Although why am I telling you this? You already know everything perfectly. But, on the other hand, I had to somehow start this review?

So, the subject of my research this time will be the creation of Midway, bearing the sonorous name of Ready 2 Rumble Boxing. What do we get by opening a beautiful box and inserting the CD with the game in the proper place? First, choose the type of game: Arcade or Championship. Arcade is just fights organized on the principle of “in line, you sons of bitches!” Championship is almost the same, but with the ability to raise your pet.

Starting the battle in Ready 2 Rumble Boxing, we can choose from just three fighters. By winning tournaments, we get access to new ones. There are 16 boxers in the game in total. There is, however, also the 17th, but more about it later. Before the start of the merrymaking, it is recommended to go to the options menu to set the difficulty level, the number and duration of rounds, as well as the number of knockdowns in which the opponent will have to be sent in order to win. We start our boxing career with a bronze class. Having defeated everyone in bronze, we go to silver. Having won in silver – in gold. Having won in gold, we get the title of champion. Then we select another character and start all over again. Unfortunately, I didn’t have the courage to go through this difficult path to the very end, so I have no idea how it should end.

The golden rule of mechanics is something like this: you cannot win both strength and distance at the same time. In sports games, it is sometimes impossible to combine complete realism and playability. So don’t look for famous names among the characters in Ready 2 Rumble Boxing. There they are simply not there. The only real character is Michael Buffer, the legendary (but little-known outside of North America) presenter. It is he who owns the phrase “Let’s Get Ready To Rumble!” The characters themselves are emphatically caricatured. And some of them have a very distant relationship to boxing, for example, former sumo wrestler Saul, or “understudy of the famous Hong Kong movie star” Jet Chin, or a former participant in the Tank Thrasher crocodile rodeo.

The first is Willy Johnson, a boxer who has fallen into our time from the late 19th century through some kind of hole in time. The second is the previously mentioned “# 17” – Damien Black. 500-year-old monster from another dimension “with unclear goals” and here and there crawling out ribs. According to the developers, all the boxers’ movements are “filmed” using motion-capture. And this is very similar to the truth, although excessive caricature, together with the congenital disease of inexpensive motion-capture systems – “slipping”, is sometimes annoying. Although the gameplay itself is very, very nice.

Every boxer in Ready 2 Rumble Boxing has his own signature moves, some of which are challenging in terms of boxing rules, such as overhead kicks in a jump or a 360-degree turn. Although this fact does not in the least detract from the other advantages, such as: funny facial expressions or offensive expressions and gestures towards the enemy.

By the way, during the battle in Ready 2 Rumble Boxing, opponents can inflict significant damage on each other in the form of knocked out teeth or small deformations of the face. Each successful hit is “rewarded” with one or two letters that make up the word rumble. Having received all this word in its entirety, you can activate the mode of the same name, which, with some stretch, is similar to Quad Damage from you know what game, that is, the power of the blows, of course, is not 4 times, but still noticeably increases.

As the battle progresses in Ready 2 Rumble Boxing, constant encouragement and unintelligible prompts rush from your corner of the ring, which are more distracting than helping, so it is better to turn off this “feature” right away, as well as too intrusive and monotonous music. By the way, there is an opportunity to cut from the first person. Slightly unusual, especially at first, but you can try it once. For perverts there is an opportunity to watch the fight through the eyes of the enemy :).

What a pity that because of the publishers’ desire to cut as many bucks as possible, the game received an ESRB rating “T”, that is, for teenagers. If you are not aware, then according to the limits of this rating, there should be no violent scenes in the game. What we actually have. That is, we don’t. Thus, biting off an ear or cutting with a leg below the waist will not work …