MARVEL Future Fight Game Review

To successfully fight the villains and save the Universe, you will need not only quick reaction, dexterity and strength, but you cannot do without the secrets and nuances of passing. Some of them are presented in our knowledge base MARVEL Future Fight.

Don’t rush to waste crystals

Crystals are the second and rarest (valuable) in-game currency. A distinctive feature of this game project from most of these games is a mild hint of paid services and it is quite easy to earn crystals here, but not in large quantities. Therefore, their consumption must be approached responsibly. Spend them on the purchase of suits, with them you get + 10% to the parameters.  The rest can be obtained in other ways.

Creation of an Huber Trinity

To advance quickly enough through the gameplay, it is best when you acquire at least one pumped three heroes of 5-6 stars of level 50+. Having created such a trio, invest in its development first of all, everyone else can wait for their time to come. Most suitable for this trio are: Iron Man, Captain America and Black Widow.

To do this, just go to the appropriate section in the main menu and select the players that the system will recommend. Also, by making friends, you get Assemble Points. With their help, you can safely purchase resource chests or free energy in the store.

With all this, it is worth constantly checking and ending friendships with the “lazy” players on your list. This should be done at least once every two weeks, removing everyone who visited the game more than 5 days ago. If you wish, you can also join an alliance, this will also bring, albeit small, but pleasant bonuses, for example, rewards for participating in the “battle of alliances” and for “achieving the alliance”.

Insert the best ISO-8 into empty cells

To upgrade them to the maximum level with 1-2 stars, you will need a lot of currency, so do not be greedy. It is worthwhile to immediately insert the stone (ISO-8) with the maximum available strength, and do not forget to check the bonus from the set. All stones, the strength of which is below 3 stars, you can safely send for “melting”.

Better go through daily tasks with a “rested” team

If you entrust the execution of missions to the heroes, so to speak, of “better condition”, the reward in money and experience will be much higher. Before the heroes are completely discharged, you will have time to send them on about ten missions.

Part of biometrics can be obtained in story missions

In addition to bosses, you can also get biometrics of rare heroes who will join you as allies or come to help the enemy boss.

Sell tickets or special tokens immediately after the event ends

The most important resource, which is constantly lacking at a certain stage, is gold. Usually the cost of special tokens (Tokens) is quite decent, but at the same time they may no longer be useful to you after the completion of the “special event”. Therefore, you should not feel sorry for them, but it is better to sell them in order to free up space in your inventory.

It’s also worth shipping the Gear Up Kit, Component Pack and Stark-branded Blueprint without any regrets. If their number that you have accumulated exceeds a thousand, then you simply will not have time to spend them.

To clear space in your inventory, first get rid of the “special equipment”

The initial capacity of the inventory is four hundred places. And although materials of the same type are summed up and occupy only one cell, you can fill all the free space quite quickly. There is a lot of various good in the game, and filling the inventory is not such a long task. Therefore, it is worth keeping only one copy of the “Custom Gear” with the highest score. Also, do not forget to change the “special equipment” of the heroes for a new, more powerful one, in the event that it dropped out to you.

For “special gear”, ISO-8 should be a candidate for redundancy. Use all stones of 1-2 stars to improve the stronger ones. But regarding the “Norn Stone” and “Dimension Debris”, then they do not need to be touched to the last. For the development of heroes, they are needed in large quantities.

Keep at least two high-level heroes with rank 3, 4 and 5 stars

If you plan to take part in the confrontations of the “world of battles” (Barloworld) in the arena, then you will need high-level heroes (40+) for each rank, with several. Only in this case you will be able to qualify for a good reward, for example, biometrics of rare heroes.

Initially, it is worth developing an antimatter generator and a transporter in the laboratory.

With the help of the transporter (Warp Device), you can send heroes on additional missions in threes. This applies to missions in which your participation is not required, but successful completion will bring you a reward in the form of biometrics. In this case, access to the heroes will be in all other modes.

The better the development of the transporter, the more missions you will have access to, and, accordingly, the more heroes you can send. Antimatter Generator is awarded for participating in these missions, so you should try to develop both of these objects in parallel. At small levels, you should not waste resources on the “biometrics converter” and “Item Shop”, you can get real benefits from them only at the highest levels.