King of Avalon: How to Make Your Development Faster

In King of Avalon, as in many other strategy MMOs, there are two main constraints on your progress – time and resources. In order to build, improve or create something, you will need an ever-increasing amount of resources and each time this process will take more and more time. The resource problem is solved in a fairly simple way by building a farm account – you can read more about this in one of our King of Avalon guides. In order to reduce the time required for in-game operations, you will need a very specific game strategy, which you can read about in this guide!

How accelerations work

To avoid misunderstandings, you should sort out how the acceleration system works in the game. Every process has an initial speed – for example, a research process. This initial rate should be taken as 100%. If you run a study that takes 100 minutes to run at 100% speed, then you will spend exactly 100 minutes. If you get a boost, say, 100% to the research speed, then the speed is already 200% – twice as fast as it was originally, i.e. now the same research will be completed in 50 minutes. To understand how the speed increase affects the elapsed time, you just need to represent 100% as a unit – in this case, for example, 115% = 1.15. Now you just need to divide the initial time by 1.15 (in this example) and you will get the time that you actually spend on completing the process (construction, improvement, research, etc.).


Acceleration with a lord

Your lord gains experience for almost any action in the game – and most of all experience can be gained for attacking monsters and barbarians. With experience, the lord gains levels and receives three skill points for each new level. Skill points, of course, can be spent on skills, which, in turn, can strengthen the army, give new abilities and, most importantly, speed up certain processes. The skills of the lord are divided into branches that are responsible for different sides of the game – the military branch, for example, strengthens the army, and the economic branch allows you to build faster and collect more resources. It is always better to try to put all the points in one branch and redistribute them if necessary (by paying a small amount of gold), since more significant skills require weaker development of previous skills.

To speed up construction and research, you will need to pump the economic development branch – there are three skills for building and research, each of which, at maximum development, gives an increase in the speed of these processes by 5% (one skill point spent on such a skill will give + 1% to speed), so using the skills of the lord in the economic branch, you can speed up the processes of construction and research by 15%. Also, at about the 18th level of the lord’s development in this branch, you can get to the skill that allows you to shorten the timer once a day for free.

In the balance branch, you can increase the training speed and the maximum number of simultaneously trained units. The principle is the same – there are three skills in the branch for each aspect, allowing you to increase the speed and capacity of the queue by 15% in total.

Acceleration with buildings

The only building that directly affects the speed of game processes is the Bivouac – each level of development of such a building gives an increase of 0.5% to the speed of training troops. So, for example, two bivouacs on the first level will add 1% to the training speed, and one tent on the 10th level and the second on the 7th level will add 8.5%.

Accelerating through research

As in the case with the skills of the lord, you have to open the research tree, in which you will pump skills that speed up the game processes. There are two skills for building, research and training – each at maximum development adds 25% to the speed of a process (the first skill adds 5%, and the second – 20%). Please note that, as in the case of the lord, you cannot immediately pump the pair of studies you need – first you need to pump the studies leading to them. The difference between research and the skills of the lord is their permanence – once you increase the speed of construction, you cannot make it lower, while the skills of the lord can be redistributed for gold.


Dragon acceleration

The aggressor dragon will not be able to offer you much haste – it focuses on increasing the attack of the units. He can only speed up marches to monsters by 30% and the overall speed of the march by 3%.

The dragon protector, however, better speeds up the collection of resources from the world map – you can speed up the collection of food and wood by 44%, iron and silver by 40%, and the overall collection rate by 27%. Again, these processes only apply to the army the dragon is in.

Gear Acceleration

Also, you can use different equipment of the lord to speed up certain processes. So, with the help of the Boots of Galahad and the Crown of Dawn, you can speed up construction and research by 35%, and the speed of the march on monsters – by 50%; with the help of the Champion’s Armor and the Treasure of Bounty, you can accelerate the collection of all resources by 60%; and with the help of the Dragon Knee Pads and the Ring of Glory, increase the overall speed of marches by 30%. Here are the best options for developing this equipment – but nevertheless, even equipment below the level can give you a significant acceleration in construction, research and other processes of the game.

The convenience of the outfit is that it can be combined and changed – you can equip the item you need, start the process and take it off, and at the same time the “discount” will remain for the duration of this process.