Bounce masters game review

In today’s casual games market, there is a big problem with the lack of bright new ideas. Most of the content is created based on already released games that were just released with different graphics and slightly different mechanics. Because of this, the user is usually very quickly tired of what he is offered to play, because he has already seen it more than once. Nevertheless, there are some projects that, even being an obvious copy of a game, can attract the attention of gamers and delight them. This is very rare, which is why we are interested in the game. She is too unique and attractive. Of course, if you are a big fan of games with new features and realistic graphics, then be sure to play something different. It is rather an option to spend time with pleasure while you are going somewhere or waiting for the girl to go to the cinema. And if you have ever played such games, then the new product will be all the more like it.


I would not wait for new opportunities from this game, since it was created especially for those who like to play quickly during trips or lunch break. Nobody tried to change the market of gaming products, just the developer tried to make an already known game more attractive and interesting for a new audience. We have a yeti who wields a healthy bat and hits the penguins with all his might. We just need to help him hit in time so that the penguin is thrown as far as possible. You don’t need a lot of mind for this – you just click on the screen when the penguin is in the air at the right moment and the yeti does its job. Then you can simply help the penguin by tapping on the screen in order to fall on the belly of the animals in time and jump a little more.  Nothing new, similar games have already been on the computer and on mobile platforms too.


We usually don’t talk about graphics, as this is a rather controversial point. Someone likes pixel graphics, someone wants to get the most realistic picture with textures in high resolution. Not all graphic designers can do something that will surprise absolutely all users.  The creators of this game were able to surprise us with the fact that they showed a really interesting picture with bright textures and colors. It looks very exciting and you want to fight with penguins even more often and more actively. Usually in casual games I don’t really like the graphics due to unnecessary problems with rage or a combination of styles. This is not here and it’s really cool to play. And we don’t need more.


There are in-app purchases in this game, but you don’t really need them. Yes, you can buy a new bat, which will continue to send the penguin and stuff like that, but it seems to me that this is not a game that you want to invest your money in. And you can get most of the content thanks to perseverance and constant gaming sessions, it is not at all necessary to spend real dollars to purchase virtual goods. The developers treated in-app purchases with dignity, and this made us very happy. You can fight with penguins and not think about personal funds.


I really love these casual games because they don’t require anything from you. You can safely come here once every couple of weeks and nothing will change, there is no need to constantly play and play.

this is a mobile arcade game. It was created in order to kill time on the subway, bus or at home. In

The game is not age-specific and anyone can play it. There is no intricate mechanics or idea here. The whole point is that we have a penguin, we control it and at the right moment we need to click on the screen and click again to increase the distance flown.

There are plenty of creatures and surfaces from which you will need to fly off too, for example: whale, ice, this adds liveliness to the game. Further, the penguin will be able to go further along the level and earn as many coins as possible, and for a simple passage of the level they give a lot.

Subsequently, they can be used to improve or personalize the character, for example: the trail that remains from the flight of the penguin controlled by us or the weapon with which we fight off the penguin, the standard one can be changed with a sufficient number of coins for a shovel or hammer. We press to push off any animal or surface, sometimes you have to use a club, which adds interest and enlivens the game screen, and it’s fun.