Farmer simulator. Colorful graphics, simple controls and addictive gameplay.


A letter from grandfather invites the hero to the farm where he (or she) spent his childhood. Now we will be gardening.

The story does not stop there, because our site is full of other farms and points of interest. The game has a main storyline.


The gameplay is a farm simulator with an interweaving of world exploration and quests.

We learn to plant a garden, harvest, interact with objects in the world.

The tasks in the game are not limited to harvesting crops from the beds. You can collect the most diverse resources in the world, look for hidden treasure chests, fish, do quests.

As he levels up, the hero gains skills (optional!) And an increased supply of energy for accomplishment.

The game is filled with many points of interest, buildings, locations. Resources respawn every day in random locations.

I liked the pet system very much. You can summon (and at any time re-summon any other of the available) beast-assistant, which will run with the hero and from time to time find the treasures inherent in the pet.

We have the most convenient inventory, it is very cleverly thought that you can carry everything with you, but in limited quantities. Resources and pets and animal husbandry and décor and everything, everything, everything are concentrated in one place.

There is a system for changing day and night. Hero energy.

The fact is that energy can be restored almost only during sleep. You can sleep only when it gets dark. You can eat food to recuperate, but at first there is not much of it and it is expensive, so I personally decided to save it for now.

And there is an incident. We dug up the beds, ran around the world, the sun is still high, but the energy is gone. This slows down development quite a bit. Perhaps I misunderstood something, but so far.


+ Pleasant (taste and color … but I really liked it) graphics.

+ Good music and soundtrack.

+ Very cool atmosphere of kindness in the game.

+ Simple yet addictive gameplay.

+ Lots of resources to collect and use.

+ Simple but good storyline.

+ I haven’t checked it (I haven’t figured out how to do it yet), but the game has an MMO tag, and the description says that you can play in a co-op. Very intriguing.

+ Excellent Russian text localization.


– At first, there is not enough energy if you collect everything like a greedy magpie. Given the limited inventory and the fact that there is a night time when the hero has to sleep, it would be possible to remove it altogether. Perhaps it was done to balance in the online mode, so I will not insist that this is a minus.


It has been a long time since I played something as benevolent and meditatively addictive. A game similar to Stared Valley, but easier to understand and with fewer activities.

You got the destroyed farm of the disappeared George.  Fortunately, there are many neighborhood families with excellent business qualities in the area. Make friends with them, gain experience from practical farmers.

Of course, everyone has an idea of ​​the work of the farmer. It is necessary to grow a variety of garden plants, take care of numerous livestock, and process the resulting products. But in practice, everything is much more complicated than it seems at first glance. Animals constantly need food, plants require watering and weeding, harvesting does not endure delay. We’ll have to make every effort to revive old George’s abandoned farm.

Don’t forget to sell the manufactured goods. This will earn you enough money to hire helpers and buy equipment for the farm. Make friends with your neighbors, they have a lot of experience in effective agricultural work. Help and mutual assistance will help everyone to increase profits.

Keep employees in good spirits. After all, no one wants to blindly do the dirty work.