Hungry Dragon: game review

As a rule, large studios release large-scale projects with colorful graphics and complex gameplay. However, fans of mobile games prefer simpler projects with which they can pass the time or entertain themselves in their spare time. Such a game was developed by the well-known company Ubisoft.

Game Review

Hungry Dragon arcade was released two years ago and is still very popular. The gamer controls the dragon with an insatiable hunger. The player not only hunts for prey, but also explores the world. The longer a predator lives, the stronger its appetite becomes.  The main task is to survive and become stronger.


the ability to collect fire-breathing flying monsters;
the power of the bite and the power of fire breath can be increased with the help of pets, which give a bonus;
to upgrade the character, you should choose a suit that accelerates the flight;
settlements and other locations (mines, forests, caves and much more) can not only be explored, but also destroyed.
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Description of the game and gameplay

The gameplay is quite simple and straightforward even for beginners. The player controls the dragon. It is necessary to control a mystical creature and devour living creatures on the way. The dragon is constantly hungry and it is necessary to satisfy its appetite to maintain vitality.

During the flight, the character’s health level is constantly decreasing. So that it does not dry out completely, it is necessary to periodically eat units and animals. You also need to take into account the presence of opponents that are scattered throughout the map. When colliding with them, health points will decrease.

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Available mods and cheats

To replenish the balance of the game currency for free, a special mod was developed. In addition to the application itself, on our website you can tell a lot of money and diamonds mod for Hungry Dragon. After installing and using it, progress will be as simple and fast as possible. A lot of money mod for Hangiri Dragon has already been tried out by many players.

Fundamental rules

There are five grades of dragons: ax’s, S, M, L, and axle. Accordingly, ax’s is the smallest and most defenseless dragon, and xL is a giant, capable of destroying almost everything in its path. The task is simple – to feed until the critical level of growth is reached. Experience and levels are saved between races, so the calculation is not made for one time, but for dozens of attempts. Having reached the limit of development, the dragon can be replaced by a larger / more agile one, but for this you need to pay gold. Money is mined in a variety of ways, described just below in this guide.

A dragon’s rank directly affects the survivability, size and types of creatures it can eat. There are also various obstacles made of wood, stone and metal around the world, each with its own level of strength. The world itself is divided into several independent large locations: the starting glade, the eastern kingdom of people and the witch tree in the west. Access to difficult places is closed for small dragons, but there are too many dangers there, so you should focus on the starting location.

How to earn coins in Hungry Dragon

The fastest and easiest way to save up a lot of money is by completing random missions. There are only three types of them, and the very first (from left to right) brings the least amount of money.  Watching a commercial can shorten any timer by 15 minutes. Usually, all quests are easily completed in one run and bring about 15-30 thousand coins at once. It is recommended to reset especially difficult ones (again, by watching ads). For example, eating 400 bats is problematic, since they live mainly in a small cemetery and in insignificant numbers.

The second way to get rich is by collecting five daily treasure chests.  Activation of a detailed mini-map, which displays chests, dragon eggs and letters of hunger, helps here. All these bonuses are given out for four hours for viewing ads or 10 gems (donate currency). It is worth considering that treasures are always only in those places where you can get at the moment. The chests themselves are on solid ground (they cannot hang in the air).

The third way to make money is survival. The longer the dragon does not die, the greater the reward is given at the end. If you hold out for about 10 minutes, the payout will be about 5 thousand coins. To do this, however, you have to resort to various tricks described below. As for dragon eggs, random companion pets hatch from them, giving passive or active bonuses. For example, eating mines, protecting against poisoning, increasing health, and more. Depending on the size of the main dragon, a certain number of slots for pets are opened.

World map, interesting places, secrets

Below will be attached a cropped world map for medium-sized dragons and smaller. Important areas are highlighted with colored lines. Periodically, living creatures are replenished (birds, people, goblins), while some traps and predators appear from nowhere where they were not previously. In the second minute, there is a sharp jump in complexity: the world is filled with predatory dragons, ghosts and large mines. Closer to the sixth, already huge dragons, mines and ghosts are generated, capable of killing with one touch. Closer to the tenth minute, most of the small animals stop recovering, which makes them fly around the entire map in search of food.