Dying Light Game Review

The player sees a huge open world with cycles of day and night. In one day, the player moves around the city, collecting supplies and weapons to protect and kill the infected. At night, the territory of the city is more dangerous, as predators appear, and zombies become more aggressive. You have to complete tasks, constantly contact the management, climb towers, dive into tunnels.

Suddenly, those you spoke to five minutes ago can turn into zombies. Do not trust a crying child, because instead of a child, you may face a small zombie. But don’t forget about courage!


Dying Light begins with mission instructions. After that, the character jumps out of the plane with a parachute. When you land, there will be an attack. Zombies will shoot. If it hadn’t been for the arrival of Amir and Jade on time, you would not have been able to start the game.

When you wake up indoors, familiarize yourself with the controls first. It is standard and not inconvenient. Examine the apartment, go out into the corridor, talk to the guard. You will find this room if you use the minima to navigate. The mission target is marked with an orange circle. Here you will see the requested number. Use the F KEY to open the door.

Entering the 190th room, exit to the balcony. Talk to Raheem there. He sends you to the 13th floor to find the missing guy. Return to the corridor, go to the elevator. It leads to the 13th floor. When you get off the elevator, talk to the VGM on the radio. Hearing cries for help, arm yourself with a pipe, go along the corridor in the direction indicated. Dine Light Game Pass – Kill your first zombie in the building. So open the bathroom door, talk to Mark. He needs help.

Your task is to find alcohol and gauze before the honey arrives. This will help stop the bleeding. Go around all the rooms highlighted in orange. Study them using Sense of Survival – Q. So, you have found a bottle of alcohol, gauze. Open the menu for crafting items, collect the first aid kit. Return to Mark with her.

Help, return to the 19th floor, talk to Raheem. Then go to room 194. There, change into a clean uniform. Back in the corridor, go to the stairs. Climb along it to the roof. Get in. Landmark – yellow signs.

After the conversation, jump down for Raheem. Then go in the direction indicated. Hear and accompany prompts. Remember to bounce and squat in the right places. This will help you master parkour faster.

Dying Light Gameplay Walkthrough – You will return to the crane. Through it, return along the arrow to the tower. Take the first attack along the way.

At the end of your next conversation with Raheem, take the elevator down to the first floor. Talk to the seller directly. Get a weapon and a number of supplies from him. Your next task is to convince Dr. Zara to give you an injection of antimine.

Find Dr. Zero in the trailer. If you don’t want to meet zombies, go to the rooftops.
So you’ve arrived at a safe area. You will have a talk with the doctor, proceed to the next task.

Emergency power off

Talk to Spike first. You will find him in the safe area where Dr. Zero is. Then grab some explosives and go set a trap for Bracken’s mission.  Upon arrival, kill all zombies trying to enter the room. Open the door, kill another zombie. This is the person you went to help. I did not have time. Turn on the electricity in this room. This will help unblock the safe area.

With the further passage of the Dying Light game, climb onto the roof of the desired building. There you can contact VGM. Please inform us about the current situation.

There will be many zombies at this time. Use explosives to distract zombies. Throw them out of the cars. When you’re done with this activity, activate the light traps.
The following light traps that should go off can be found on streetlights. They are located in a warehouse-like area. You can get to the trap by jumping from a nearby pillar. Jump from it onto the pillar with the trap. Get to the third if you sit in the carriage.

Thus, all light traps are triggered. Go to the Power Plant. There you need to find a switchboard to solve the light problems. At the station, you will meet a healthy zombie. He will have a hammer. Since the zombie is slow, you can simply bypass it so as not to get dirty.

When entering the station premises, open the switchboard. To do this, press F until the mask is full.  When you wake up, talk to Spike. Then go up to the indicated roof. Notify VGM there. Return to the Tower, talk to the Bracket.