Tap Titans 2 – All About Damage Increase

it. Despite the fact that this is a clicker game, the lack of competent pumping will not allow you to progress in it, since in order to defeat the bosses, you need to kill them before the timer expires, otherwise you will be credited with defeat. When this happens, the player has to increase his damage in the game.

In Tap Titans 2, you will encounter many different difficulties that you will have to face in the later stages of the game, since they are invisible at the beginning. This game is a great way to relax and while away the time, but serious players who see the game as a kind of competition will find many tactical elements. If you are the type of player who likes to take part in weekly tournaments, but do not know where to start, check out the following gameplay mechanics.

Pet Damage

The damage of pets is directly related to the damage of your Sword Master.  As the game progresses, you will receive many pets, but during the battle you can only use one of them.  At 5th pet level, you will receive a bonus passive, even if it is not in combat.

Once your pet reaches 5th level, you will receive a 5% bonus to the effect this pet gives. This effect will increase with each level up of the pet. To do this, you need to collect many eggs in order to bring as many of your pets to level 5 as possible. It is thanks to this that

you will have more passive bonuses that affect the total damage done. This way you can go through more levels.

Skill tree

The skill tree is another important component of your damage in Tap Titans 2. If you would like more information on this, read our Guide To Choosing The Right Skill Tree in Tap Titans 2. Essentially, a skill tree enhances a specific stat or ability.  It is important for new players to stick to only one skill tree as the number of skill points in the game is limited. This is the only way to get the maximum benefits in the game.

– Knight – Increases click damage and pet strength. For active players. –

– Wizard – Increases the effects of skills and mana recovery. For semi-active players.

– Dodger – Simplifies the passage of levels and provides more equipment. For advanced players.

Make your own choice, as a well-chosen skill tree will help you a lot.


Artifacts are another important modifier in the game. You get them for prestige. Artifacts can be bought and upgraded with character relics that you receive when you reach levels above 60. The effect of an artifact can be increased with the help of prestige relics. Players must choose which artifacts they want to upgrade with these relics. One or two artifacts can be unlocked for one prestige.


The equipment looks silly at times, but it significantly increases your damage. Items of this type drop randomly from chests or for defeating Titans.  The rarity of the equipment has a stronger effect on the benefits that it gives the player than the level of the equipment. It turns out that if the equipment levels are equal, but one equipment is rarer than the other, then it is the rare equipment that will be more powerful.

Just keep in mind that pieces of equipment will not lie on the ground forever.

Masteries Hero Tab

On the “Masteries Hero” tab, you can choose a rare upgrade that can be obtained for participating in tournaments, as well as receiving rewards or buying chests in the store for real money. Items in Masteries Hero come in two types: weapons and scrolls. Obtaining and improving these items will greatly increase your hero’s strength.

To obtain this equipment, players will have to grind a lot, participate in tournaments and complete daily tasks. Weapons and scrolls are tied to the heroes for which they are intended, that is, one piece of equipment may not be suitable for all of your heroes.

Raid Cards

Raid cards are for clans, but they count as upgrades as well. The Raid Map increases your damage modifier so you can defeat raid bosses during guild events. During them, you will not be able to apply other modifiers (for example, click damage and hero damage), since the damage of your Sword Master will be installed in the event dungeon, which depends on the raid card used.

During the raids, the Woodmaster will fight alone. This means, unlike the main game mode, you cannot play passively in an event like this. If you use the control editor feature of Blues tacks, it will be much easier for you to complete raid events, since you do not have to constantly click your finger on the screen. As you already know from our guide to running Tap Titans 2 on PC, clicks on the smartphone screen can be easily and effectively replaced with pressing (or even holding) one key.