Mech Arena: Robot Showdown. Game Review.

One of the features of Mech Arena: Robot Showdown is a large selection of combat robots that you can get and customize to suit your play style. Beyond that, how weapons can radically change the effectiveness of your combat robot plays an important role. And just like various robots are featured in this game, you will be able to find a large selection of several types of weapons.

Unlike the guide, in which we shared our opinion on the best combat robot in each category, this time we will only limit ourselves to an overview of the different types of weapons in the game. The effectiveness of each weapon is considered individually and depends on what role you will play in the battle.

Now let’s get down to the overview.

Assault weapon:

This is by far the most diverse weapon class in the game. You are offered equipment for any type of combat at any distance:



A standard weapon model available from the start. She has a high rate of fire, good accuracy at various distances and a large magazine for ammunition, but she does not do much damage. However, it is a very reliable and versatile option.

Plasma Cannon:

a powerful weapon, the minus of which is a low rate of fire.  But it is worth noting that the damage done from one Autocannon magazine is several times less than the damage from one plasma cannon magazine.

The characteristics of this gun are similar to the Autocannon, but its disadvantage is its low accuracy. However, the Pulse Cannon is not a bad option for close to medium range attacks. It also has a low cooldown so that enemies will never catch you off guard.


While other assault weapons are designed to repel attacks or fire at opponents, the Carbine is more intended for aimed fire. This weapon has the lowest rate of fire in its category, but has the highest damage per shot. If you have high accuracy and are able not to miss even once, then it will be possible to destroy many combat robots in a couple of stores.

Rocket weapon

This class of weapon is not distinguished by the highest rate of fire, but each shot deals huge damage. Weapons of this class require a lot of skill, since every shot is very important. Because one miss can be very expensive for you.

It has a low rate of fire and low magazine capacity, but Aloe damage is significant, especially when enemies are piled up.

The rocket launcher fires a large stream of missiles when attacking the enemy, which inflict huge damage on the enemy.  Even one missile can do significant damage, and a whole line completely destroy weak opponents.

Beam weapon

This is a special class of weapon that does not have physical projectiles, which means that it can easily hit even the fastest targets. However, the damage of this weapon class is not the highest. To destroy the enemy, you will need to conduct continuous fire. This limits their damage potential. But the advantage of this class is that the weapon does not need to be reloaded and the fire on the enemy goes on continuously as long as they have energy. Continuously attacking the target causes an overheating effect, which further increases the damage taken from this weapon.

Stasis Beam:

This weapon works in a similar way to the Thermal Lance, except that it causes a slow effect instead of overheating.  Its real advantage, though, lies in slowing targets down. This will allow your team members to attack opponents and increase their accuracy when shooting at them.

Melee weapon

As the name of this weapon class suggests, this is the case when you can take out opponents at close range and leave nothing behind. As a rule, this type of weapon is chosen by scouts and other types of fast mechs that are highly maneuverable. Such characteristics of mechs make it possible to dodge enemy attacks and sneak up on them at the most unexpected moment.


A stock shotgun that fires pellets, often dealing significant damage to enemies. But at a great distance, this weapon is ineffective.

Arc Torrent:

This weapon, like the Shotgun, is not very effective in ranged combat. However, the peculiarity of this weapon is that when it hits the target, lightning bounces off it, which inflict additional damage on the enemies closest to the target.

Sniper weapon

This weapon class is designed for ranged attacks and is used primarily to defend control points from afar. The effectiveness of this class of weapon mainly depends on the player’s accuracy and position on the battlefield. Each miss significantly reduces the total damage to the enemy during the battle.


High damage, extended attack range and long reload time make this weapon ideal for single-target attacks and destroying weak opponents with a couple of accurate shots. But if the enemy catches you by surprise, then with such a weapon there is nothing to do but be ready for defense. It is worth remembering that Longman is only effective for long range attacks.

He can easily penetrate any opponent, except the most powerful, in 3 or fewer shots.  However, like any weapon from this class, it loses all its advantages during melee attacks.